Lead theft is sadly nothing new

I AM old enough to know that, sadly, lead flashing being stolen from buildings isn’t, of course, a new phenomenon.

But the damage caused when it is thoughtlessly ripped away from the windy vantage on some of our best loved buildings is still truly shocking and, financially, heart breaking.

The latest attack, on St John the Divine in Pemberton,

must surely have had some level of professionalism because of the massive height of the runs of flashing on this church.

The fact is the scum who did this must have used a vehicle – and a large one at that – to transport their scrap booty because of its size and undoubted weight.

This splendid looking church is now facing a very expensive bill for repairs – much of which is likely to land in the laps of the congregation.

Let’s hope that surely somebody must have seen something.

These low-lifes will have to cash in the lead with a recognised dealer if it is to become worth their while. Let us also hope that is their eventual undoing.