Letters: Cheaper to buy a DVD than take a family to the cinema

Are cinemas too expensive these days?
Are cinemas too expensive these days?

My lad loves going to the pictures, but I find the pricing for the popcorn and drinks very high.

Yes, I know, don’t buy them if you think they are dear, but it’s all part of the experience, isn’t
When I was a lass, back in the olden days when you went on the rare occasion to see a new film, you could hear the very discreet opening of the cans of pop, the crinkling of the crisp packets, then the shush from your mum as she didn’t want people to know that you had brought contraband inside.
Not now, though.
This week in the flicks, all around were various can-rings being pulled, family-sized crisps being opened and rustling from all sorts of bags of treats.
It’s no wonder when a drink and popcorn will set you back nearly nine quid.
It’s cheaper to buy the DVD these days than take a family to the cinema.
Jayne Grayson
via email