Listen up and give support

I HAVE been stricken temporarily with deafness.

I am waiting to have my ears syringed and must have olive oil drops in my ears plugged with cotton wool.

I cannot hear noise or any loud sounds and spend most of my time in silence.

If my family shout to make me hear or touch me to attract attention I literally faint.

I feel nervous about the world outside because I cannot tell what people say or hear the sounds of traffic.

A few months ago, I did a collection in aid of the National Deaf Children’s Society.

I did this because I was asked to do and because I felt sorry for the children’s plight.

I can now understand the sense of isolation and bewilderment felt by these children in their anxiety and fear.

I can understand how severely their progress in life is blighted by their inability to hear.

Also they are cut off from so much love.

I should like to urge anyone to support the NDCS as they do wonderful work and 95% of their funding comes from the public alone.

I shall definitely do more collections.

Their number for anyone who is interested is 08707 742444.

Mrs Julie Dixon

via email