Losing our traditions

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AND so another tradition, Guy Fawkes night, comes to an end.

Sadly, tradition is in name only. The evening of November 5, I drove from my home and I could see various rockets lighting up the sky.

But I can’t remember the last time I heard: “Penny for the guy, mister.” Tradition is slowly dying.

There were many rockets bursting in the sky, cars parked everywhere and people standing on the streets with children admiring the view. I stopped and watched for a while, then the thought of getting caught in so much traffic made me seek my home and my own memories.

A small fire in the lane, friends out with drinks and potatoes on the fire. The fire brigade would half-heartedly douse our fire, only for us to relight it again. We had mostly ½p and 1p bangers, wheels and sometimes the odd rocket. Late at night someone would turn up with something else to burn.

These little fires would burn everywhere and people were happy – no travelling miles to organised shindigs. Those happy, non-electric toys days are now past – it’s called progress. Progress is good for business – but a killer for tradition. I hope someone has kept video footage of our traditions – soon that’s all there will be.

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Lower wage for workers

It was fairly obvious the Tory party would win the last election.

They inherited a serious financial situation, much worse than Labour inherited off them in the 1997 election.

My worries started in the early Prime Minister’s Questions when Cameron snarled at Miliband, “you are nothing and you will never be anything”.

Outrageous, Miliband has been a professor at Harvard.

Then the PM and Osborne said that the troubled banks should be allowed to go to the wall! Disaster, they later changed their minds.

The PM said “there will be no top down reorganisation of the NHS” planned for seven and a half years and implemented immediately!

It illustrates the PM’s judgement, or lack of it.

He went to India and criticised Pakistan, his next stop? Pakistan! He went to Nepal knowing it would upset the Chinese, his next stop, China! The PM and Hague couldn’t wait to get involved in Libya, now that country is in chaos, we must prevent a bloodbath in Benghazi.

Last year all the British people in that city were told to get out.

For months, the PM and Hague have been “sabre rattling” to get involved in Syria, a civil war you can’t win if you intervene.

Look at Iraq, that’s a religious civil war.

A lot of the MPs, bankers and top bosses are “filling their boots” while workers are getting lower wages.

Two words spring to mind, “disposable income”.

Mind you if you are a millionaire, related to royalty you won’t have had to worry about those two words will you!

Will Power

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Car buying warning

Should you consider buying a used car, make sure you fully understand the sales agreement. I paid £4,100 in cash for a vehicle and a period of a 14 day-trial was agreed upon delivery of the car.

The sales agreement had a 14 day or 1,000 mile (whichever came sooner) money back guarantee.

After driving the car for 53 miles over 14 days and finding certain aspects of the vehicle not suited to my disabilities, I decided to apply for the refund.

When I attempted to claim the refund, I was informed the guarantee had expired by one day as by now I was onto day 15.

Even though I outlined the unsuitability of the vehicle, there was no leeway given by the dealership and I am now in possession of a not totally suitable car.

David Platt

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