Mail should not be sold off for profits

The current status of Royal Mail is that of a nationalised company in the public sector.

In other words, among millions of other British people, I own a little bit of it as does nearly everybody else who lives in Wigan.

The Tory-led coalition government passed the bill to privatise Royal Mail last year.

The company could be sold by the end of 2013 although; any sale is unlikely until the following year. So, what is likely to happen?

Well, precedent exists with the utility companies. They were sold, by a Tory government, in a fire sale.

The new owners are likely to be venture capitalists. By nature, they will only buy on the cheap. A cheap disposal could either be achieved through a private sale or by a listing on the London stock exchange. So, if there is to be an IPO (initial public offering) it needs to be set at the right price. Otherwise it could turn into a “get even richer very quickly” scheme for the already very rich and; the taxpayer will be footing the bill. (That is the likes of me and you.)

So when the government receives the proceeds from the sale, what will they do with them? I will tell you what they should do with them.

The present ownership of Royal Mail is not in dispute. It is owned by the Great British public. When the government has the proceeds from my share, it can send a cheque for the appropriate amount directly to me. It can also send cheques to everybody else who lives in Wigan. However; we all know that there in not a chance of this happening.

Coun Michael McLoughlin.

It’s complete mobile madness

Has Wigan Council gone completely mad do they think all people who drive cars have mobile phone, well I don’t think so?

This council has done its best to keep people out of the town centre and this is a way new of making money.

I think people will find a new place to shop and who can blame them?

B Prior


What’s the state of your marriage?

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