Make sure you get your cat spayed

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THIS World Spay Day the RSPCA is urging pet owners to protect their cats from having unplanned litters of kittens. Recent research carried revealed that 85% of litters are a mistake.

This is mainly because people don’t realise that cats can get pregnant from as young as four months, while they are still kittens themselves.

There is a romanticized myth that cats should be allowed to have at least one litter of kittens, but cats aren’t like people and don’t choose to get pregnant like we do and it is.

Our research showed pet owners found the reality of having these kittens is not what they imagined and the overwhelming response at that point from cat owners was ‘never again’! Allowing your cat to be spayed or snipped also saves your cat from health risks.

Tom cats who haven’t been snipped are more likely to wander off and get into fights which can lead to them getting FIV and other diseases. You may be able to get help with the cost of spaying or snipping your cat. Please visit for more information.

Justine Pannett

RSPCA Senior Campaigns Manager