Making sure I give to the right charity

FEELING an affinity with anyone who picks my pockets for good causes, I always stop at the bucket with the slot in the top.

I confide that I’d love to contribute, at which point the charity collector smiles, but I’m not, at which point the smile dims.

I subscribe to various charities through my church. My wife and I subscribe to other charities too, so my total charitable giving is around £1,000 per year.

I know I should give more but I am a reluctant donor in many ways.

One reason is the vast salaries that some charities pay their top brass. And some charities are too big to relate to the punters.

Some charities have huge reserves so I am disinclined to donate to them.

And I believe with all my heart that the money raised through massive appeals for overseas causes, like much of the aid from taxation, is only partially reaching the folk it is intended for.

A huge amount goes to those who already have much.

I am wary too of major appeals fronted by celebrities.

They urge viewers to donate but I ask the question: you are asking us to dig deep.

What do you donate to and how much?

John Theobald

address supplied