Men are also suffering

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I READ with interest the letter from Dianne Sharples, (letters, January 30).

While totally agreeing with the lady’s sentiments I must take her up on the statement, ‘they pick on the easy target. In this case, a fairly small minority of women.

You are wrong. The pension changes affect men just as much as you ladies. My brother was born in July 1954 and he too will have to work until he is 66. Why have these changes happened? Basically because of the apathy and greed of people in this country.

The platform was laid on two foundations:

1. men and women having the same retirement rules and

2. some people not wanting to be tied to a retirement age of 65.

I have no problem with the first but the second one opened the flood gates. Good luck to anyone who wants to work past the age of 65. They should be allowed to BUT it should be by choice and not compulsory.

This Government was given the green light and the result is the current pension rules. Some people will be happy with the changes but the majority of people will be very unhappy.

Where are the jobs to support an ageing workforce and youngsters leaving school and colleague?

This Government has set itself on a course of ensuring that working class people work until they drop – you work, you die. Sooner or later they will do away with the state pension and people will have to rely on what they should have put by whilst they were working. That’s if they were lucky enough to be in employment long enough and in a job that paid enough for them to save towards a pension.

I have never had much time for the French but you are right Dianne, they should more bottle than the people of this country.

Where are the union leaders like Jack Jones? Where are the unions with some bottle?

Stan Greenhalgh

Tavistock Road

Hindley Green

Burka bar to integration

In my opinion, an increasing number of Islamic women are wearing full Islamic dress, including the veil. This acts as a barrier to integration as it is impossible to make facial communication.

I was in Tesco today and a lady in a burka bumped into me as she was on her mobile phone, but there was no apology. Did she feel that she could not converse with a man? Immigration has been a benefit to this country but it is important that immigrants integrate. Living in isolated areas and attending only Muslim schools leads to isolation.

Non-faith schools where everybody mixes are surely the way forward. This would ensure that everybody sees other lifestyles and understands their beliefs.

Unfortunately, the Islamic faith indoctrinates from birth with education in madrassas and does not help them to live in an increasingly secular Britain.

Concerned from Fulwood

More broken promises from PM

So, PM David Cameron’s “promise” of a referendum appears to have been kicked into the long grass again (how convenient), following a defeat in the House of Lords by a coalition of Labour and Lib-Dem Peers.

Despite a majority of voters now demanding a say on our membership of the European Union, the Conservative, Labour or Lib-Dem party leaders still deny us our say, so much for democracy.

While we remain in the EU we have no control over immigration and its effects on jobs, the strain on our resources and infrastructure.

If David Cameron was genuine he would not wait until after the General Election he would hold a referendum now, otherwise it is no more than an idle threat, so why would anyone vote for him or the others.

Philip Griffiths

UKIP North West President