Michael’s Moulding his own history

I SEE from the Wigan Evening Post July 1 that Michael Moulding’s Deputy Leader of the Community Action Party favourite place is Ashton.

Is this the same Michael Moulding who was a Councillor in Preston from 1998 until 2002 when he lost his seat there and until very recently was campaigning to save Preston bus station?

Is this the same Michael Moulding who stood for mayor of Salford in 2012 and was telling the people of Salford “I believe that Salford is a fantastic city with massive potential. Salford first, Salford second and forever Salford.”

Clearly the people of Salford were confused by this message because he came last in the the election. What a difference a year makes.

After leaving Preston and then Salford he now finds Ashton his favourite place.

Is he going to add Ashton to the places he has lived in, lost an election and then left?

However, I do not wish to be too churlish about Mr Moulding.

I would like to thank him for his warm praise of the town centre which has been massively improved by the efforts of the local Labour councillors working with the Labour council.

Nigel Ash

via email

Community needs to act

The recent conviction and life sentences in Oxford of depraved older predatory Asian males who groomed and sexually exploited vulnerable young white girls is the fifth such paedophile ring to be exposed since 2010 and, in my opinion, but for political correctness, this pernicious and sickening evil in our midst could have been prevented much earlier.

There is no doubt in my mind that the systematic failure of the police and social services to act effectively and protect these girls can be laid at the door of the Macpherson Inquiry following the death of Stephen Lawrence when, in 1998, he labelled the Metropolitan Police as being an “institutionally racist” organisation.

An indictment accepted without protest by the weak and liberal minded leaders of all provincial forces, whose inexcusable reaction to such a label was to tiptoe around any criminal activity which may have had racial content.

I have also thought for some time that Britain’s complacent Pakistani community must urgently confront and address this issue which is inextricably linked to race and religion, and it is refreshing to learn that, at last, Asian community leaders have finally recognised this barbaric behaviour and are to deliver sermons in mosques and madrasas nationally condemning the practice.

Jim Oldcorn

Great Harwood, retired

Detective Inspector

NHS not in our hands

Before the last election during the TV debates, David Cameron made a number of pledges about the NHS if it fell into Tory hands, one of these being that it would be safe in their hands.

Since then we have seen these pledges broken one by one.

Incompetence or mendacity? Only time will tell us the truth on that.

However, the other day in the commons the Health Minister Jeremy Hunt, on being asked a question, replied: “I’ve written to the NHS about it.”

As health minister, he should of course be the boss of the NHS, but it seems he is not. He also remarked in response to another NHS matter: “I’m just a member of the public.”

If he can’t answer for the NHS, just what are we paying this useless man for?

Another more junior health minister, Anna Soubury, when asked a question about cancer services, said: “The government isn’t responsible for the cancer services any more.”

Safe in their hands? It seems it isn’t even in their hands anymore! The British public has it seems, meekly sat by and let these unscrupulous Tories steal their NHS from them.

How low we have sunk as a nation.

Jeff McCann, Hoghton