Mine of information was great success

WE have read with interest the letters sent in to the paper about the ‘Don’t go down the Mine’ event held in the Grand Arcade. It was fantastic to see so many people on the day showing an interest in such an important part of our local heritage, thank you to all who made the effort to come along.

There seems however to have been some debate about the mining tools we brought along on the day. In explanation there were two sets of tools on display, the first set were loaned to us by Astley Green Colliery museum and these showed relatively modern equipment, some things having been used right up until the time the pit closed.

Other pieces were from the museum handling collection used for school workshops. These workshops are based on the local mining industry in Victorian Wigan and aim to explain the mining process to the children. The pick and shovel are for demonstration purposes. There are photographs from the period which document the typical types of tools used. If you have any mining artefacts that you wish to donate to the museum collection then please contact the Museum of Wigan Life on 01942-828128.

Wigan Heritage Services

Eggsactly the right approach

On the eve of Shrove Tuesday, we are asking your readers to spare a thought for the 34 million British hens that lay our eggs.

Half of all UK eggs still come from hens kept in cruel battery cages, where the usable space for each bird is less than the size of a piece of A4 paper.

It’s so simple to do your bit to help by only choosing higher welfare eggs, such as barn and free-range, and preferably ones with the Freedom Food label.

So, as well as pondering whether to have sweet or savoury fillings this Pancake Day, please think about welfare too.

Alice Clark, senior scientist, RSPCA Farm Animal Science department, via email

And after the pancake feast...

Ash Wednesday (March 9) marks the beginning of Lent.

It is a time when we fast with joy, submitting ourselves to spiritual struggles in preparation for the sorrowful Passion and joyful Resurrection of Jesus.

What is demanded of all Christians at this time is abstinence, prayer and confession.

Lent is a sacred time which seeks to detach us from things material so as to make room for the rejoicing and gladness of Easter. Limiting ourselves to what is absolutely essential is a formula for patience and tolerance.

Paul Kokoski, via email

But fat cats will still feast ...

It is appalling to see so many front line council jobs being axed throughout the country.

The cuts should come from the higher end not the front line and we should return to smaller value for money administrations and not those driven by the gravy train.

Philip Griffiths,

North West Chairman UKIP