Misuse of veil is problem

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THERE have been a couple of letters recently about the wearing of the burka.

One person having a bad experience and the other having been shown kindness. I think the issue here is not the person behind the veil, it is the actual garment.

There are good and bad people in all nationalities. The issue here is the need for the face to be identified. In this country, with all the CCTV cameras and the need for the face to be seen for whatever reason, means this clothing is not appropriate in a modern society such as ours.

Also it is open to misuse: that poor girl who had acid thrown in her face by someone wearing a burka; the terrorists using this covering to escape the police; and also the fact this clothing could be used by thieves and shoplifters to escape capture.

I don’t know what use picture driving licences and passports are to someone who obviously doesn’t want their face to be seen. It must also impair their vision when driving and, if they wear it to take a driving test, then who has taken the test? This in itself could lead to fraud.

Again I say it is not the person behind the veil, it is those who manipulate the burka for their own purposes. Maybe the reasons above are most likely behind the decision why France has banned the wearing of this garment. Perhaps it should be considered here.

Independent Woman