Money if people are willing to pay ...

ONE can empathise with people regarding the obscene amount of money swilling around the football world, but was it ever thus?

Tom Finney would catch the bus to go and dazzle 30,000 fans. Relative big bucks around even then, just lining different pockets. At least today’s top players are well paid for performing.

Concerns of wealth distribution could be levelled equally at other areas. Tiger Woods – $80m for knocking a golf ball around, Johnny Depp – $110m for appearing in three films, Madonna – $125m for stage performances. Even £400k for half an hour’s poisonous vanity waffle from Tony Blair. People are only worth what others are willing to pay.

We can, however, form our opinions of others on more than the zeroes on a bank statement.

Pete Hanslip,

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Cricket is the winner

FA chairman Greg Dyke says we have little chance of winning the 2014 World Cup.

My wife, who cares little for football, came to the same conclusion a long time ago and for the same reason.

This country puts club well before country. There were 30 per cent home grown players in the Premier League last season and probably less this year. Look at Spurs, they have almost bought a foreign team with the money they got for Gareth Bale. I saw us win in ‘66 but I know we will never win again.

I reckon we may qualify this time but that may be it if we don’t change the rules.

The young player will never get a fair shout if clubs carry on this way.

Anyway I am ignoring football, the cricket season ain’t finished yet!

Allan Fazackerley,

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Acting like playground bullies

Those still demanding military action against the rogue regime in Syria are acting like playground bullies.

If China or Russia used poison gas against their own people – and both have done things almost as bad – would those who demand missile strikes on Syria advocate the same on Chinese or Russian targets? I think not.

Barry Clayton

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Will we help US behind the scenes?

While it was heartening to see Parliament failing to back Cameron and Hague’s call to attack Syria, it will be interesting to see if this extends to providing logistical support behind the scenes for any US attack.

Michael Roberts,

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