MPs can’t lecture the BBC

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WHY the mock outrage and faux-steely determination of the Government to cross-examine and reclaim funds spent, admittedly somewhat recklessly, by the BBC?

Are such learned people ignorant of the old adage about dwellers of glass houses? Honourable members of Parliament told outright lies to claim money they did not need or deserve. A few repaid it; most kept it – the most that was ever asked of them was to stand up and mumble ‘sorry’.

At a time when the population faces pay cuts of over 10 per cent, they award themselves pay rises of the same amount whilst nurses and servicemen and women are sacked – a truly obscene indulgence. Lord Mandelson, in a previous life, twice resigned from Cabinet in disgrace – each time he secured a generous pay-out courtesy of the taxpayer. We now know how we ought to behave in order to do well at public expense.

So when the admittedly over-promoted Entwistle resigned from the BBC as DG having spent 23 years serving it, quite rightly he secured the best payoff for him and his family – as per his contract.

He was engaged in a mire caused by various chickens coming home to roost – it was Corporation, not personal business – so quite rightly the BBC covered his legal fees.

I agree the BBC has been a poor steward of public money and first class air travel, for example, should not exist in any public organisation.

However, this government has no right to lambast anyone for poor stewardship of money unless and until they put their own grotesquely bloated house back in order.

S Preisner

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Poverty is a complex issue

When I was born the people did not have mobile phones, TV, PlayStation Three, cars, designer clothes and money was spent on food – but I was luckier than others; both my parents worked, we had a day out each month at Blackpool.

Lots of people had chickens and the eggs helped to feed there children.

Free school meals why is it a big deal? As long as our children get a healthy meal a day who needs it?

Have you any idea what the children feel, making them different than others, trying also to say that it makes them not achieve in education – what a load of rubbish.

When I was at school, children had free school meals due to parents on low income and they still achieved in education.

Free school meals are between the education department and parents not general public.

We have all kinds of poverty.

Renee Blow

via e-mail

Thinning blue line fears

Reading about cuts in the police funding, it could affect all ranks, admin staff, office workers, etc. They must be feeling very nervous about their jobs at the present time. Surely cuts in the police and re-organisation will have an impact on volunteers already in the force.

Reading between the lines it seems there are difficult and uncertain times ahead for the police force.

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Roads funding will create jobs

The Government’s recent announcement to invest in upgrading local roads (covered in the Action for Roads report) is great news for the local construction industry and also for anyone in the area who is currently out of work.

In Lancashire, repair and maintenance work could be worth £1bn and could create 17,900 jobs, providing a much needed boost to firms.

William Burton, chief executive, Construction Industry Training Board, London