No common sense over disabled parking

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Wigan Council implemented a disabled parking charge in Leigh on March 11, 2013.

It notified the public three days later on the March 14, 2013 with a very small announcement in the local free papers.

Not everyone would have received these papers or if they did, did not see the notice.

Because of the delay in notification and the very small signs indicating this on the car parks in Leigh, more than 200 disabled drivers received parking fines.

I have been informed that if the disabled driver submits a claim the fine will be removed. How many elderly residents in Leigh have emails or would know how to appeal against this fine? The majority would just pay the reduced fine in order to save money.

Also when shopping in Leigh on Friday and Saturday I noticed that the car parks where inundated with traffic wardens all checking the disabled badge holders cars and issuing parking fines.

The cost to Wigan in issuing this fines and the time it will take to cancel then will be phenomenal. It would have been cheaper to put notices on the cars telling them that the they would be fined next time.

Has it come to Wigan’s attention that the majority of disabled drivers no longer shop in Wigan because of this charge? So they thought, ‘Let’s make Leigh the same’.

What a good way of closing Leigh down.

Now people will go to other towns to shop where they have free parking.

Well done Wigan.

Name and address supplied

Get building to kickstart economy

The current Tory-led coalition are intent on ensuring those struggling in our society are made out to be ‘scroungers’ and blamed for the global banker induced economic crisis we now see.

This is fuelled by the right wing press and the coalition are pushing through the most radical right wing policies this country hasn’t seen in a generation.

Even Margaret Thatcher didn’t dare sell off parts of the NHS. The country is not bankrupt despite all we hear from the coalition. It seems amazing the banker-induced austerity we now endure is being rewarded by a huge tax cut in April for those earning eye watering incomes.

We need to build on the best this country can offer. Invest in building new social housing for those struggling to find places to live or exploited by high rents.

This will not only boost the economy by employing thousands of workers (who will pay tax) but also see off the rogue landlords charging overinflated rents that serve only to line their pockets.

Dr David Wrigley,

address supplied

Cynical over Westwood development

Is anyone else sick of the dripping of ‘announcements’ regarding this site over the years (and many others). The free PR that the council gets from these articles gives the impression that they are doing something when the facts speak for themselves.

Personally I now take every one of these with a big pinch of salt and only start to believe any of them when I see ground being dug and bricks laid..

snickerboy38, via website