No knowledge of the taxi trade

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SO Wigan UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall feels qualified to comment on the Council’s decision to ban private hire vehicles being able to turn left at the top of King Street on Wallgate does he?

Firstly Mr Nuttall should check the facts before going to print. Wigan Metro cannot treat private hire and hackney alike due to legislation, some people prefer hackneys because on the rank you can just get in, no phoning and waiting.

On price, some private hire have a higher starting rate so who is cheapest is debateable. In bad weather hackneys can’t charge double, private hire can. This again is due to the law and safety and old people, both sides of the trade have regulars and all drivers are CRB checked.

In general private hire and hackneys provide a good service to the public. It would be better if Mr Nuttall kept his comments to things he has a knowledge of, obviously the taxi trade isn’t one of them.