No variety in this poor showing

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AM I a glutton for punishment? I decided to give the revised Sunday night at the Palladium a look-in but boy, was I bored. If this is the best in talent they can find please don’t make another series.

That host was not a patch on Sir Bruce Forsyth, Ted Rogers or Jimmy Tarbuck.

Where has all the talent and the variety acts gone to? And those so-called comedians is this the real cream of the crop that TV can offer us?

It just hasn’t got that magic pulling power that the original Sunday night at the Palladium had and that show made international stars of the acts which appeared.

I guess ITV thought they could resurrect a fabulous and variety filled family show again. Sorry, in my own opinion they failed and failed miserably!

This whole sorry programme doesn’t say much for today’s so-called alleged talent.

Darryl Ashton