Nurses’ task is thankless

ONE of the main reasons people do not follow a career in nursing is the level of pay offered, to become a State Registered Nurse you have to have a degree and constant training, shifts are normally 12 hours and the conditions are usually poor.

Care homes are offering the princely sum of £12 per hour, NHS hospitals pay only slightly more, this equates to a take home salary of just over £1,300 per month, hardly the salary of a professional.

The work itself is extremely stressful and the extra burden of the litigation trend means hours of a nurses day is taken up with paperwork ensuring they are not liable to be sued by some ‘cold calling’ legal firm trying to convince everyone that they are victims of clinical neglect.

Most of the foreign nurses who come to the UK do so simply because conditions in their own countries are even worse and their training is generally on a par or even better than UK nurses.

The value the country places on their nurses is evidenced not only by the long hours, poor conditions and an insulting salary; but by the governments refusal to give them even the one per cent increase they were promised three years ago.

Nurses are the lowest paid profession yet are the most loved, trainee solicitors start on a salary of over £19,000, qualified solicitors earn between £25,000 and £75000, does this reflect societies values?

Michael McCarthy