Oil’s rigging of prices is a slippery slope

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The oil companies are under investigation, yet again, on suspicion of rigging fuel prices. Want to guess the outcome, again?

They are claiming loudly it is not them but speculators on the futures markets artificially pushing up prices and they are caught in the trap.

Well the gas and electric companies are making the same claims and one of the very biggest futures speculator in this field is British Gas.

So is it possible the oil giants are dipping in the same trough?

The biggest part of the cost of pump prices is the fuel duty.

As this is a percentage figure then the cost of undue price speculation by the oil companies is multiplied by this tax.

Suppose the government switched the tax from the consumer to the oil firms, those actually making the mega profits.

Set at the right level to equal or even better the revenue from fuel duty, it could ease the massive burden on the motorist and discourage the speculators by hitting them in the pockets.

Of course there would be outrage from the greedy and price rises at the pumps. Not to mention the fury from the green lobby but it is time they came up with a better alternative than ‘leave your cars at home and take a bus.’

Buses don’t run to where most people work or at convenient times of day.

Time to ease the burden on the motorist and make the parasites pay up!

Jeff McCann, address supplied

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Sid Sloane,

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