'Our cards have lost the  real meaning of Christmas'

Is there a lack of Christmas cards available?
Is there a lack of Christmas cards available?

I would like to express my sadness regarding the lack of religious Christmas cards available.

The other week I received an email from an action group, asking me to buy their cards to help them financially.

There was a choice of two, neither of which represented the true meaning of Christmas, which is the celebration of the Nativity.

Instead, on our cards, we get Santa Claus (invented to sell Coca-Cola), elves and reindeer (who are never to be seen) and snowmen.

So why do non-Christians bother celebrating at all?

They now worship the new God – consumerism, which has not only kidnapped Christmas, but the other Christian festivals, Easter and Halloween, in order to make people spend, spend, spend while turning them away from the Christian faith.

I asked why there were no religious cards.

The response was that some people feel uncomfortable sending them.

I had a similar response from certain high street stores.

Why then should those people bother celebrating Christmas if its true meaning offends them so much?

I don’t celebrate Ramadan, Diwali, Yom Kippur etc but I wouldn’t insult those who do by diluting their beliefs and commercialising their festivals or preventing them from mentioning what they’re about because that makes people “uncomfortable”.

In the window of my local British Heart Foundation charity shop, there was one of an angel and another of an abstract Nativity scene.

There was also cards of animals dressed as Santa and one was a pig.

Surely that could offend a lot of people.

Scott Andrews

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