Owners are not all foul

AFTER reading numerous letters about the selfish dog owners who refuse to clean up the mess their pets leave behind, it completely underlines the fact that the right people are not being caught for this offence.

Here we have deliberate offenders who has no intention of cleaning up, even when challenged.

These are the people who the council should be targeting, appropriately fining and branding irresponsible dog owners.

I have owned dogs all my life and have never had any problems apart from at one park.About three-and-a-half years ago a local resident allegedly caught me off guard.

Although nothing was ever proved, I had to pay the sum of £770. Since I have stopped visiting this park I have had no further problems.

But I have seen many people accidentally miss their dogs fouling. I have told them and they’ve thanked me and cleaned up immediately.

People should be given a chance to make amends after an accident.

Peter Haddington,

Address supplied