'Police should have powers to stop and search at random'

A correspondent writes about knife crime
A correspondent writes about knife crime

The current increase in knife crime in our cities is extremely disturbing.

Recent stabbings on a train, on a train station platform, and on our streets indicates there are people, young and older, who will not hesitate to use a knife during an argument.

They have no regard for human life.

In order for the police to tackle this, they should be given powers to stop and search anyone at random.

Of course, this will result in the usual suspects crying that their civil liberties are being infringed.

I, for one, will willingly have them infringed in return for knowing that the person behind me in a queue or sitting next to me on a train or bus is not carrying a knife that could end my life.

Dr Barry Clayton

Address supplied

Britain should learn from Captain Cook

Just as well Mrs May wasn’t in charge when Captain James Cook went off exploring.

He sailed into unchartered waters without qualms as to what lay ahead, unlike our PM – not one to miss an opportunity to try to frighten the electorate into submission – who is warning that a ‘no deal’ means a voyage into ‘uncharted territory’.

Going bravely into the unknown is what helped make Great Britain the world power it is and, while ‘no deal’ is not the ideal outcome, we need to be bold and hold our nerve in the face of EU intransigence.

They need us more than we need them and it is nonsense to think that if we walk away without a deal, we will be up the creek without a paddle.

Paul Nuttall

North West Independent MEP

DIY tip for

New Year

A good New Year’s resolution for those with parapets above bay windows would be to do DIY maintenance at least once a year to save oneself from a lot of stress and expense.

Both a neighbour and myself have suffered floods twice in our lovely lounges over the last few years when it has been raining heavily.

It is especially likely to happen following exterior decoration when debris builds up in the drainage outlet.

Simply find a very long bamboo cane and use it to clear the outlet.

It works a treat when the parapet has a lot of water in it like a sink with a plug in it.

Finding a workman who genuinely wants to do a ‘small job’ can be very time-consuming when you need help immediately.

Hoping you find the top tip useful.

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