Press must heed change message

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In all the current discussions about regulation of the press it is clear the press itself wants to avoid state control and favours self regulation.

I agree with that view. But with freedom comes responsibility. The press should be less concerned with representing the political pressures of the owners and more with reporting things freely and honestly, particularly in local matters.

The duty of our press is to inform the people about what is happening in their area, the good and the bad.

Where a council is seen to be acting improperly or even illegally those facts should be accurately reported without prejudice or interference by their masters and the staff should be protected for doing their jobs.

Likewise when someone does something good for the people that too should be reported.

The press needs to quickly come up with a means of self regulation that will be fair and most of all effective.

Let us hope that when the government finally acts, it will do the right thing by the people and not just what is politically expedient for themselves at the time!

If the press fails to grasp the nettle it will settle its own fate.

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Programme lacks the X Factor

Reports suggest this year’s series of X Factor was something of a flop and programme makers want to go back to basics for next year. Surely it would be better to have a year or two off as it never seems to be off our TV screens.

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Christingle time

For over 40 years, Christingle services have been celebrated up and down the country in aid of The Children’s Society.

These candle-lit celebrations raise an extraordinary amount of money to helping the most vulnerable children in society.

Last year, Christingle raised a staggering 1.2m for The Children’s Society, helping many children and their families throughout England.

Christmas is a time for family and a Christingle service is a fantastic way to bring friends and family together whilst making a real difference to so many vulnerable children, including children who run away from home, children in poverty and children who are having problems in their lives. The Children’s Society run vital projects to help these children and their families, helping them turn their lives around and offering them all a brighter future.

Please show your support this Christmas, find out where your Christingle service is happening, or organise your own.

Stephen Tompkinson,