Price hike won’t cure boozing

I WAS a recent visitor to Sweden, one of the Scandinavian countries which charges the highest rates in Europe for a glass of beer, wine or spirits.

Alcohol is not sold in supermarkets, only in off-licences which shut early on Saturdays and don’t open at all on Sundays.

The state has a vice-like grip on the availability of alcohol and taxes it to the hilt.

And yet the country still has a huge problem with people who drink too much.

I am afraid that, despite what the health professionals say, imposing a minimum unit price on alcohol in the UK will do nothing to stop people boozing if that’s what they feel the need to do.

But it will punish those who crave only a modest amount and whose incomes are being eroded by tax hikes and the rocketing cost of everything.

J Dale, via email

Golfer repayment is long shot

WHAT a joke our legal system is.

We have an ex MP sent to prison – and rightly so – for stealing over £20,000 in expenses.

But he did pay all the money back.

Now we have a 55-year-old lady golfer, who gets a suspended sentence for falsely claiming over £40,000 in disability allowance.

And she has been asked to pay it back at £10 per week!

This is £520 per year, yet she can afford to pay golf club fees which are £600 per year.

At her age and that rate, will she ever pay it back? Definitely not.

I do think MPs will think twice in future when claiming expenses.

But people making a false benefit claim?

It seems to be a risk worth taking if this sentence is in any way typical.

Someone seems to be having a laugh at the taxpayers’ expense.

Taxpayer (Name and address supplied)

Look at problem another way

THE media has been full of reports lately of a shortage of housing. I personally don’t believe Britain has a housing shortage.

But we do have a massive and growing population and it is this problem that needs to be addressed.

Alan Nuttall, via email

Take a risk on Costa del Moan

THERE’S controversy about a leading website which records travellers’ views of destinations and the accommodation they stay in. What a minefield! Reading some criticism of one place I fancied in Spain, by the time I’d made my mind up, the cost of the flights had gone up £50!

My advice is to go and make your own mind up. People love nit-picking. They should relax and realise life is rarely perfect.

Realist, via email