Reader’s letters - October 5

Jeremy Corbyn is right to be anti-Trident says a reader and another correspondent agrees with his proposal for 'kinder politics'. See letters
Jeremy Corbyn is right to be anti-Trident says a reader and another correspondent agrees with his proposal for 'kinder politics'. See letters
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Let’s move to a safer world

For the attention of Barry Clayton and like-minded people who fear his nuclear disarmament policy, Jeremy Corbyn is trying to move the world into an era of nuclear nakedness, as you so charmingly put it (WEP October 2).

And how is he doing this? He is doing it by doing what all great leaders do – by leading by example.

Having discussions about nuclear disarmament is a hugely positive step that the current government dares not even dabble with.

Like global warming, we must confront this issue by starting and encouraging others to debate a programme of nuclear disarmament across the world.

Only then may we ever achieve our common goal of world peace.

As for Denis Healey’s comment that weapons “will deter even if the enemy thinks there is only a one per cent chance it will be used” – does it not occur to you that it is that belief that has lead to the arms race we have today and is the absolute opposite route towards achieving world peace?

Surely you can see the lack of common sense in Healey’s chest-pumping speech?

Narrow-minded and blinkered views are hard to change, but like Corbyn says, he respects the views of others and, in return, hopes others will respect his own. Let’s get this matter debated in Parliament and move towards a safer world for all.


Via email

We work for greater good

Terry Palmer’s letter (WEP September 28) attacking the Liberal Democrats was wrong from start to finish.

Our natural bedfellows are the Labour Party.

We went into coalition with the Conservatives for the good of the country. The nasty party are a lot nastier now that they do not have us to moderate their extreme policies.

What lies was he referring to?

We stand above all for equality of race, class and sex, and freedom of speech and human rights throughout the world.

These are principles that we are proud of and we will continue to campaign for, for the good of the country and the world.

Mike Turner

Liberal Democrat member

Is bio-diesel the answer?

In the media, it is reported an estimated 6,000 people a year are dying in this country directly or indirectly from air pollution.

The recent scandals which have over taken diesel cars have left us with a big headache, quite literally from the vehicle fumes we are breathing. Former Transport Minister John Prescott imposed the same levels of duty on bio-diesel we have on ordinary diesel fuel.

Lord Prescott killed off the embryonic bio-diesel industry just as it started. We have to solve the diesel fumes emission problems caused by certain individuals in motor companies allegedly fixing their vehicle tests. We could again sell bio-diesel in large quantities in our cities.

Couldn’t this be achieved immediately by George Osborne removing the duty Prescott imposed on bio-diesel? Then at least we can breathe again.

Nigel F Boddy

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Kind values

I am not nor ever have been a member of the Labour (or any other) party. But I do agree with Mr Corbyn that we need a kinder and more grown up politics and economics which enshrine and enact those values which I believe are shared by most British citizens, regardless of how they vote: good manners, honesty, hard work, hospitality, tolerance and fairness. The strong and simple values that most of us grew up with, and which are not enshrined in our current politics.

Tony Green

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