Reader’s letters - September 17

A correspondent says commonsense is needed when looking for a solution for the refugee crisis. See letter
A correspondent says commonsense is needed when looking for a solution for the refugee crisis. See letter

Take note of history

On Tuesday – Battle of Britain Day – we commemorated 75 years since the RAF fighter pilots, The Few, along with their ground crews, stopped the invasion of Britain by Hitler’s Nazi troops.

Europe, including Britain, currently faces an invasion of another kind, migrants from the Middle East and other countries, using Syria as a starting point.

While many of them are genuinely fleeing the civil war in Syria, many are simply using the situation as a means of seeking a better life. However, terrorist groups, including IsiL, have promised to infiltrate the migrant numbers with their members, whose purpose is committed to killing and causing chaos.

EU member states, such as Germany and Sweden, as a goodwill gesture towards Greece, Italy and other frontline states, who have been overwhelmed by the sheer numbers, have actually exacerbated the situation by encouraging migrants to join them, which has caused even more people to head there.

That in turn has led to a shot of reality and many member states are now re-introducing border controls and even closures. It is clearly time that leaders of other EU countries took stock and used common sense to stop the dangerous situation before it gets completely out of control.

For a start, all migrants should be assessed before they are allowed to settle in mainland Europe and on the basis that, when their country of origin is deemed safe, they return. All terrorist suspects, along with economic migrants, should be repatriated immediately, without lawyers intervening. All people traffickers should be hunted down and imprisoned. All of those who choose to fight in Syria for IsiL should not be allowed back into the EU and, in particular, the UK.

Of course, if we were not members of the EU, we could take back control of our borders, along with our own immigration rules allowing in genuine asylum seekers and those whose skills we need.

Defence of the realm is a government’s first – or should be – their first priority, protecting the people, their wellbeing and that of the country. It is time our own government recognised this if we are to see off the threat that we now face and take note of history.

Philip Griffiths,

North West President, UKIP (UK Independence Party)

Take on our night ride

I am calling on the residents of Wigan to join the fight against heart disease and take on the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) Manchester to Blackpool Night Ride this September to help us raise vital funds for our life-saving research.

Join the hundreds of cyclists on September 26, riding 52 miles through the night to power medical research and help us make a huge difference to those affected by heart disease every day.

Riders will set off from the Trafford Centre on Saturday night, leaving the lights of Manchester behind as they make their way through the sleepy countryside to the finish line, where they will be greeted by a dazzling display of illuminations on Blackpool’s seafront. The ride suits all abilities but some training is required.

There are an estimated 857,000 people currently living with heart and circulatory disease in the North West. By taking part in a BHF challenge event you will be raising funds for our essential research to stop lives being cut short by cardiovascular disease.

Sign up to join the fight today. Entry fees are £30 for adults (18 or over). Call the events team to register on 0845 130 8663 or visit Or you can email the events team on

Andy Coles

Regional Head of Events