Reader’s letters - September 28

Tim Farron, leader of the Liberal Democrats, at the party's annual conference. See letter
Tim Farron, leader of the Liberal Democrats, at the party's annual conference. See letter

Monarchy that protects

Oh dear! Poor Mr Dalby! He lives in a country to which he doesn’t belong and of whose history he seems to be ignorant (WEP, September 24).

He forgets, if he ever knew, that this country did once flirt with republicanism and it created a decade of abject misery throughout the land.

He refers to our “so-called democracy”, but grabs the opportunity to complain about our unelected monarchy – does he not know what happens in many republics around the world when their citizens moan about the president?

He forgets that we are blessed with a queen who is universally respected as a person of the highest integrity and dignity. She represents us all in a way other countries can only envy.

Our forces swear their allegiance to the crown and are not bound by political gratitude. This neutrality gives us a parliamentary monarchy that protects us all, even from Jeremy Corbyn and Mr Dalby.

I suggest Mr Dalby moves to a republic which is not corrupt by his standards.

May I suggest Syria?

David Neal

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Colourful history

What a waste of ink is my reply to Barrie Dalby’s comments on our Monarchy (WEP September 24).

Does he not realise, in his blinkered view, that the Monarchy represents the history of this great nation of ours, and that we would all be a whole lot worse off without it?

Where would we be without our colourful history to delve into of past kings and queens and all the pageantry that goes with it, never mind historic castles and battlefields, where history was created over many centuries?

With his republican plan for the country’s future, what would generations to come have for their history if he had his way? Bland presidents and dictators springs to my mind, what a boring thought process. God save the Queen and send her Victorious.

Terence R Wright via email

They’re great ambassadors

Barrie Dalby (WEP September 21), do you really want Britain being run by President Cameron or a political system far worse? You and the anti-Royalist brigade should be very careful what you wish for.

I am a Labour supporter and I am glad this country has a monarchy despite their faults. They are great ambassadors and they help bring tourism to these shores.

If you hate the Royal family so much, I suggest you and the rest of the republicans emigrate to somewhere like North Korea.

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Lib Dems never learn

Well, I never! Lib Dem leader Tim Farron states they would again go into government with the ‘nasty party’.

Has he lost his memory?

Just to remind him, he and his ‘turncoats’ have now eight MPs after they got a right kicking at the General Election in May for doing just that! Yet they never learn and are still prepared to help Cameron in his ideology of smashing the working classes.

It is a pity they weren’t wiped out completely for lying. There we have it, more proof, if any is needed, that many of our politicians couldn’t give a damn about the electorate just me, me, me, in their lust for any sort of power however miniscule.

The biggest laugh of all time comes from Farron who says the Lib Dems were now the only “credible” opposition to the Tories.

Stand up ‘Joker’ No. 2.

Terry Palmer via email

Royal family should stay

Regarding Barrie Dalby’s letter. I just couldn’t believe my eyes whilst reading such rubbish (WEP Letters September 24).

Claiming the national Anthem is praise of one individual is nothing of the sort.

Every country has a national anthem and they sing it with pride.

I would like to bring to the attention of every national football or rugby game where thousands sing our national anthem with pride.

I would also like to remind Mr Dalby of the numerous charities backed by the royal family that receive millions of pounds of donations every year, thanks to the royal family, and without them such donations would not happen.

Our Queen is the head of state and has a functional role to play.

For example, summoning/proroguing Parliament, Royal Assent and appointing the Prime Minister just to name a few.

She appoints the Prime Minister at the end of elections and I wonder of Mr Corbyn, should he ever win a general election, would he go through the process of being appointed by the Queen or would he refuse?

The Queen is much loved here in the UK and around the world.

The royals’ endorsement is enough to raise millions for charity and also generates millions every year from tourism.

You state the royal family costs us over £300m a year.

It’s amusing how you justify part of your argument on that sum and yet neglect to mention that roughly for every £1 spent on the royal family, they generate £12 from tourism alone.

Not to mention other activities and trade deals backed by the princes and the work they do.

You claim to be a Parliamentarian, fine!

But it seems to be only the royal family that’s doing anything to support our veterans that have sacrificed to defend our country and our interests. Arguments based on the minority of the negatives whilst neglecting the numerous positives is probably why Mr Corbyn and those who think like him will never be given any power over our fine nation!

Davey by email

Free range an option

I heard that the Shadow Environment Secretary Kerry McCarthy is saying meat eaters should be targeted in the same way as smokers.

I can imagine this will not be a vote winner and, if such extreme policies were ever implemented, there would be cries of ‘nanny state’ from meat eaters.

But there is an important issue being raised here about animal welfare.

I don’t believe eating meat is wrong, but only if animals are treated with respect and have a good life and a humane death.

Unfortunately, as is the case so often these days, we have put profits before morals and animals has suffered as a result.

Treating animals as profit-making machines is immoral, but is often forgotten in our quest for a tasty hamburger or chicken pie.

And, although I don’t think meat should be banned (after all my dogs eat meat, and I can’t see them ever becoming vegan), cruel factory farms should be abolished.

If we are going to keep eating meat – and this will be the case for the majority of us for a long time yet I expect – we need to ensure all farm animals are given the highest welfare possible.

Personally, I would like to see more free range/RSPCA assured meat being used and labelled in supermarkets, butchers, cafes, restaurants, pubs and takeaways.

Cutting down on meat (especially if it’s not labelled free range), maybe having a couple of meat-free days a week, installing CCTV in abattoirs, and maintaining higher welfare standards will help.


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