Reader’s letters - Wednesday, September 16

There are concerns about the 2016 Olympics in Brazil that the water may be contaminated by pollution. See letter
There are concerns about the 2016 Olympics in Brazil that the water may be contaminated by pollution. See letter

Pollution worries

I read that next year our Olympic swimmers will be in water so contaminated with human faeces that they risk becoming violently ill and unable to compete, an investigation has found.

Extreme water pollution is common in Brazil where the majority of sewage is not treated. Raw sewage runs through open air ditches to streams and rivers that feed the Olympic water sites.

Why was Brazil even put in the top 100, let alone picked for the job?

We can’t allow the swimming events there, and even boating will be a big risk there also.

The United Nations and the USA should use all their influence on countries like this to ensure they have a proper sewage system.

Any nation who allows their swimmers to go ahead in 
these conditions are selfish idiots.

A Hague

Address supplied

Get in touch with old pals

I think it’s a safe bet to say that many of your readers would have served in the Royal Navy at some time or other. They will think back and remember the friendships formed at the time, only to be broken when moved to a different ship or shore base. There will be the occasional thoughts being cast back to “I wonder what happened to old Chalky White on H.M.S. Rustybucket?”

Well, a lot have found out what happened to their ‘Old Chalky White’ because lots of the ships have associations, full of their old shipmates, and a new monthly service has recently started to help find all of the other ‘Old Chalkies’ or whoever is being looked for.

Many of the ship’s association secretaries are sending details to R.N.Shipmates for the monthly listings of reunions and other notices. This monthly service is free because it is done by email. Ship’s association secretary, are you on my monthly mailing list? Nearly 400 are. Looking for someone? This is a good starting point in meeting up at a reunion. Get the latest news. And for those who just want to live the camaraderie again, R.N.Shipmates are having another reunion next April. Interested? Send brief details to

Mike Crowe via email

Nature’s way can be cruel

Julie (WEP Letters September 12), I have told my cat numerous times not to go after birds and mice, especially seeing she is well fed, but guess what? She doesn’t take any notice because she is a cat and that is what they do.

Birds are lovely creatures but they also kill each other and are sometimes not really nice creatures at all. Again that’s what they do.

It’s nature. Just a point, are you sure it was a cat, as they usually don’t go after the larger birds?

Many a time in my garden I have seen collared doves that have been killed, but it is by a sparrow hawk that usually will kill a bird, drag it under a bush and come back for it later.

Sally via email

Give good cause a hand

Stroke is much closer than many people think: most of us aren’t aware it’s the world’s second biggest killer. It’s also one of the cruellest conditions I know – three quarters of stroke survivors lose the use of one of their hands.

The Stroke Association provides support to thousands of people affected by stroke and their loved ones. That’s why I’m urging your readers to ‘Give a Hand’ to conquer stroke. Between October 26 and November 1, the charity is calling on people to complete an every day activity with the hand they wouldn’t normally use to raise funds. The Stroke Association has a ‘handful’ of ideas, visit

By giving a hand to the Stroke Association, your readers can help change the world for people affected by this devastating condition.

Mel Giedroyc