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We need to move away from dirty energy towards renewable energy says a reader. See letter
We need to move away from dirty energy towards renewable energy says a reader. See letter

Saying no to dirty energy

Fantastic News. The USA and China – the two biggest polluters of our world’s atmosphere – have finally accepted the Paris Agreement agreed on Earth Day, which was in April this year.

One hundred and seventy five countries had already signed the Paris agreement but China and USA refused to, yet between them they produce 40 per cent of all greenhouse gas emissions.

At last they have signed the agreement, and it is now essential they join the worldwide movement to reduce air pollutants and protect the world for future generations without delay. The two countries now need to set in motion quickly the reduction of and the reliance on dirty non-renewable energy, such as coal, gas, oil and nuclear.

Hinckley Point, the Chinese-backed proposed new nuclear power station, should be scrapped. We already have several moth-balled old nuclear sites, surely it’s senseless to build more power stations producing spent fuel which then has to be stored for a thousand years? This fuel can only be described as dirty. Funding should be directed into renewable energy projects. The British Isles are surrounded by sea, yet we do not harness the energy of the ocean to satisfy our energy needs.

This can and must be done.

Climate change is not a thing that may one day happen. It’s already happening. The world’s climate is already warmer and years of records prove this to be the case. This produces more rain for some areas, with an increase in flooding. Stronger sea defences have to be constructed as the world’s oceans have already risen.

This is a problem that already exists and will increase in severity unless the world alters its reliance to non-polluting renewable energy.

Jack Croysdill via email


Did you serve in WW2?

I am an historian and author specialising in Christianity in wartime, and am seeking to contact any readers you may have who served in the British armed services during the Second World War and who would define themselves as Christians. I would like to hear from men and women who would be willing to answer a questionnaire about their experiences and possibly be interviewed over the telephone or in person. This information would then be used in a PhD research project I am undertaking at the University of Durham. If you know of anyone who would be willing to share memories, I can be contacted at:

John Broom

12 Park Avenue



S36 6DN


We can help out more

I am writing to raise awareness of the refugee crisis in Great Britain.

Most refugees are not in the UK but are in poorer countries which don’t have the resources we do.

However, in Britain we have enough resources, houses, and people who will, in fact, welcome them as though they had lived here their whole lives.

Also, the way the media portrays refugees is mainly negative.

They are portrayed as people who want to steal our housing and ‘destroy’ our economy.

This is simply not true.

I believe the UK Government can and must do more.

We should strive to host at least double the number of refugees the Government has pledged.

Hannah Bosman

via email