Readers’ letters - April 13

America launched airstrikes against Syria
America launched airstrikes against Syria

Conflict is not a computer game President Trump

Following the alleged chemical attack in Syria, the US attacked an airfield belonging to the Syrian government air force as retaliation to the release.

However, it must be noted that the UN itself has stated that the means of delivery of the agent has not been identified – therefore how can you lay the blame?

This is yet another case of double values being applied by the West’s right wing media in support of the US cabal of intelligence agencies’ and political factions’ desire to enforce regime change in Syria.

Where was the outrage last week when over 200 civilians were killed in one building in Mosul by the US coalition recently?

They are all still just as dead.

Strangely I find myself agreeing with Jeremy Corbyn on this issue in that the missile strike should not have happened.

We should all realise that casualties in this war are all people and their lives matter to their loved ones just the same.

It is not a computer game.

Chris Gallacher

Address supplied

Rainbow Trust helps families

It’s hard not to notice an abundance of Easter eggs lining shop aisles as families (mine included) prepare for a happy Easter celebration together.

I count myself incredibly lucky though – because for thousands of families caring for a life threatened or terminally ill child, the luxury of family time together is one they can’t take for granted.

I am a proud supporter of Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity that supports over 2,000 families in England caring for a seriously ill child.

This Easter, Rainbow Trust’s network of Family Support Workers will be doing everything they can to help make life a little easier for these families by providing emotional and practical support.

Please spare a thought for these families this Easter and, if you can, donate to Rainbow Trust, to help support even more families as they face their worst nightmare. Just visit or text RAIN18 £3 to 70070 to make a £3 donation*

Nell McAndrew

Model and athlete

EU hasn’t helped suffering Greece

We all know that tragedies are unfolding every day but one country it is easy to overlook in terms of terrible hardship is Greece.

The country is partway through its third eurozone bailout programme and it has come as no surprise to anyone that it has not gone smoothly.

It has been teetering on the brink of economic collapse for so long that most people in this country scarcely give it a thought.

While politicians and finance chiefs bicker, residents of the land, famed for being the cradle of Western civilisation, struggle to get by.

The future does not look good for Greece and its plight highlights why we were so right in the UK to vote for Brexit and why not joining the eurozone was a sensible decision for us.

The EU loves nothing more than meddling in the affairs of its member states, regardless of whether that is best for that country.

All that is important to the Eurocrats is that their beloved European Union project continues and to hell with the needs of those living in the various member countries.

Paul Nuttall

UKIP North West MEP