Readers’ letters - April 28

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Brexit isn’t the only issue to consider this election

This election is about more than the Brexit debate. It’s about so many other things.

Our health – how 
the NHS is struggling to give us the treatment we need.

Our children’s education – the funding gap between what schools need and what they actually get.

The housing crisis – so many people can’t find somewhere to live that they can afford.

The environment – how many people are suffering from air pollution and how we can keep up with our energy needs without spoiling the planet.

Jobs – lots of people are working in jobs that won’t pay their everyday bills.

Let’s not have a one-issue election.

Let’s ask the politicians how they’re going to 
answer all these questions about our everyday lives.

Alison Leonard

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Not about the European Union

Anyone believing the reason given by Theresa May for calling an election must believe in the tooth fairy.

This is not about Brexit.

This election should be about the NHS, education, housing, care for the elderly, and above all, the rip-off merchants who own the privatised industries.

Every time the Tories are in power, the NHS is in crisis and the education system is in turmoil. Tory policy ruined the concept of low-cost social housing to the detriment of those on basic earnings.

When the chancellor said we will have eight more years of austerity, he failed to mention who will be suffering and paying the price.

It will not be the rich and powerful multi-nationals with their special tax arrangements. It will not be the bankers and leaders of the financial houses.

Mrs May has already stated that there will be no guaranteed protection for the old age pensioners, giving us just a taste of what to expect from a dominant Tory government.

My 93 years experience tells me that, if you believe in wealth, power and privilege, you will vote Tory.

If you believe in social justice, fairness for all, equal opportunity and help for those in need, you will reject the Tory creed of profit

before people and prove your worth.

Roy Pearson

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Ask candidates about real ‘sins’

It seems journalists were quizzing Lib Dem leader Tim Farron on his views of homosexuality and whether it is a ‘sin’?

Sure he is a Christian but that doesn’t automatically make him a bigot who wants to jail gay people. Being a Lib Dem, he may even have liberal views?!

Believe it or not, there are many different types of Christians with various views from the ultra-conservative to the very liberal. Would a Muslim candidate be quizzed on the same topic? Has fellow Christian Theresa May?

Did the interviewers want to detract attention from the very real issues affecting people today? The real sins of destroying the environment, the NHS, public services, and persecuting poor people.

Why don’t we ask political candidates whether they think the above are sins?


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