Readers' letters December 1

As more politicians question the need for fracking  is it time for a UK-wide ban?
As more politicians question the need for fracking is it time for a UK-wide ban?

Surely now is the time for a UK-wide ban on fracking?

This week London Mayor Sadiq Khan will move to ban fracking in London on the basis that extracting shale gas represents a “toxic health risk”.
Mr Khan said there was “absolutely no place for fracking in London” and applications must be refused.
“The harmful, negative impact of the use of fossil fuels on the environment and on the air we breathe is well known,” he added.
“We must instead focus our resources on developing technologies for the efficient extraction of clean, renewable forms of energy.”
Furthermore, this week, Conservative MP James Heappey, who was recently appointed chairman of an internal policy committee on energy, said: “If we can fill the gap in revenues through the North Sea, and renewables and clean tech are developing so quickly that gas as a bridge fuel is less important, you just start to wonder what the need is [for shale].”
It would appear even the Conservative party are now questioning the need for fracking in England.
So with London now joining Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in turning their back on this risky industry, and members of the Conservative party increasingly speaking out against fracking, surely now is the
time for a UK-wide ban?
Russell Scott
via email

Stop betrayal of fishing industry
Fishing has always played an important role in our economy but tragically we have seen our fishing fleets decimated by EU legislation.
The fishing community was one of the loudest
voices in the Leave camp
as they have seen first-
hand how disastrous EU policy has been to our country.
With the Brexit vote, it was hoped we could reclaim the 200-mile exclusive economic zone to which we are entitled under international law and repatriate the 70 per cent of the total allowable catch in British waters that is currently taken by EU vessels.
However, ministers have confirmed that the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) will be included in the Great Repeal Bill, which will transpose all EU law on to the British statute books for a transitional period, with MPs then to decide what should be kept, amended or binned.
This is a betrayal of Brexit and Mike Hookem, UKIP’s fisheries spokesman, has launched a petition to force the Government to remove it from the repeal bill.
Get behind this petition – Stop the Common Fisheries Policy being adopted into UK law post-Brexit.
Visit https://petition.
Paul Nuttall
MEP North West

Prove humans are intelligent
It has been said that contentment smothers invention. We are obviously not very content at the moment at all!
We are destroying our planet by inventing all sorts of silly things that nobody really needs.
Our oceans are coated by plastics and petrol engines are destroying our atmosphere completely.
We are supposed to be the most intelligent creature on our Earth.
Time to prove it and stop total destruction.
JC Penn
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Beeching was
a disaster

Re: Reversal of Beeching cuts. Beeching was a disaster.
How many places have been cut off because of him?
Norma Taylor
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