Readers’ letters - December 11

Shopworkers' union Usdaw is asking festive shoppers to 'keep their cool'. See letter
Shopworkers' union Usdaw is asking festive shoppers to 'keep their cool'. See letter
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Now a global environment

Have there ever been two political parties more short-sighted than the SNP and Ukip?

At least the SNP have won a lot of the seats, so we must treat them with more seriousness.

The two parties have something in common.

Both fly in the face of the fact that we now live in a global environment.

Gone are the days when small or medium-sized countries could survive in isolation, maintaining total independence.

Worldwide terrorism, plus international crime, including cyber crime, are gigantic menaces. I would add the threat of competition from the likes of Brazil, India and China, which can undercut the economies of small nations.

The case for close association of traditional countries in areas such as Europe is self-evident. Union is obligatory, not an optional extra. Of course, Scotland has the advantage of the support of its southern neighbour. Banks are well embedded between the two and one can only imagine the chaos which would ensue if all these links were severed.

What would happen if independent Scotland hit the economic buffers? If aid was forthcoming, no special treatment could be expected. The final absurdity is the SNP would want to stay in the EU. Talk about illogicality!

The days of nation state are done. Thank goodness if we look back to two world wars.

Don Burslam via email

Keep your cool in rush

I would like to wish your readers a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

For many this is always an exciting time, but in the last few shopping days, it can be frantic trying to get everything ready for the big day.

I want to remind readers to remember that shopworkers are people as well. They will be working really hard to make your shopping experience as stress-free as possible.

A recent survey showed that every minute of the working day, a shopworker is verbally abused, threatened or physically attacked. Shopworkers report that incidents are more frequent throughout the Christmas and New Year period.

That is why Usdaw, the shopworkers’ union, is running a Respect for Shopworkers campaign, asking customers to ‘Keep your Cool at Christmas’. It’s a simple message, but remembering that shopworkers are working extra hard at this time and treating them with respect will mean that everyone can have a happier Christmas.

John Hannett

General Secretary, Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers (Usdaw)

World has gone mad

Isn’t it so sad that in this horrible politically correct world, some people get offended so very easily?

For example, a woman athlete, who I’m not going to name, was on the receiving end of a compliment (which has since been blown out of all proportion) from a high ranking boxing figure.

The comment of ‘ looks a bit fit, when all dressed up!’ and ‘spruces up very nice’ has caused such an over-reaction and turned it into a federal case of an apparent hanging!

Are we not allowed to give good old-fashioned compliments anymore?

Or, call a woman ‘a nice-looking bird?’

Even wolf whistles are now classed as a hate crime! The world really has gone completely mad.

Darryl Ashton,

Address supplied