Readers' letters - December 13

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘ship’ has sprung a large leak

The Corbyn ship is in deep trouble.
Its Chief Whip in the House of Lords has had to resign over an expenses scandal, and more accusations of anti-semitism in the Party have surfaced.
The underhand tactics of Momentum have again been exposed.
Any moderates in the Party, including councillors, are now being harassed in order to remove them.
The social media is being used for the same ends.
One very brave female member of the shadow cabinet has spoken out against these abhorrent tactics, ones which have been used by every ultra left-wing Marxist cabal throughout history.
Momentum is
now under investigation by the Electoral Commission for possible financial irregularities in the last General Election.
The shadow chancellor can’t even give any details about expenditure, saying that’s what special advisers are for!
Meanwhile, Theresa May has secured a major victory over the complex Irish border, an achievement that would have been beyond the capability of Corbyn or any of his close colleagues.
Dr Barry Clayton
via email

Be patient and expect to wait

For months now we’ve heard that the NHS is in crisis (hasn’t it always been the case for the past few decades?)
Yes, by all means throw more money at it and, I’m sure for those of us who do pay taxes, we wouldn’t begrudge paying an extra 1p if it were to go to dedicated, front-line services rather than paying for additional ‘suits’ in a back office, playing with spreadsheets.
However, one factor that never seems to get mentioned when patient numbers versus NHS resources is mentioned is that, back in 1948 when the NHS was started, the UK population was 50.2 million. When the NHS targets were introduced in 2004, it was 59.9 million. Since 2004 until the present day, recognised net immigration has added, year on year, 250,000 additional people to the UK, to an increasing ageing population.
The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics for 2017 put the population at 65.6 million, rising to between 67.5 to 70 million by 2020.
While I’ve had to sit and wait for treatment, when I received it, it was first class.
Maybe it’s time politicians stopped playing politics with the NHS and got together in an all-party group to sort out a long-term solution but, as we have had a substantial increase in the population over the last decade, maybe it’s about time the waiting times were readjusted and we
accept a longer wait?
James Fenner
via email

A good stocking filler for drivers

A good Christmas present would be a copy of the latest Highway Code, especially if never purchased or reviewed within the last three years.
Just reading through the Highway Code would refresh driving standards and be good for young family members, especially cyclists.
The code warns of potential dangers as well as highlighting laws and rules.
However, there are far too many drivers and riders who may never conform, however strong a lecture, and I have to accept that the very small cost of purchasing this potentially life-saving booklet would, for them, be a complete waste of money.
In my opinion, books on courtesy and road accidents could be better for such individuals.
If nothing else, take back control by fitting winter tyres.
Mike Dodgson