Readers’ letters - December 3

Representatives of the indigenous peoples of the Peruvian Amazon organisation at the United Nations Climate Change Conference. See letter
Representatives of the indigenous peoples of the Peruvian Amazon organisation at the United Nations Climate Change Conference. See letter
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Vote against the bombing

I hope our three MPs for Wigan, Makerfield and Leigh will have voted against the government and opposed the bombing of Syria.

Bombing of Syria will worsen the cycle of killing, destruction, devastation and the pain of the Syrian people.

Crispin Blunt, Tory chairman of the foreign affairs committee, said so many countries are already bombing Syria that the problem for the countries bombing Syria is its shortage of targets, rather than aircraft, that is the coalition’s principle military constraint. I therefore worry many innocent civilians are getting killed.

Bombing will not defeat ISIS, but will potentially do the opposite.

The consequences would be to make Britain a more likely target of a terrorist attack and the blame for this will be on the Muslim community, whipped up by much of the press, creating a further climate of fear and encouraging more racism, playing into the hands of those who benefit from a more intolerant divisive society.

ISIS is born out of the destruction and devastation of Iraq due to imperialism, brutality of dictatorial regimes and the defeats of democratic revolutions.

In Syria, Bashar - al - Assad government’s brutal repression and policy of mass killings broke the back of the popular movement against the regime, and created socio- economic devastation that ISIS has been exploiting ever since.

How will the bombing of Raqqa city, under the control of ISIS – whose citizens live in fear with a brutal regime that reportedly has regular public executions – help them when their families will now be killed by bombs?

A Syrian socialist against ISIS argued that bombing will not defeat ISIS but glorify its anti- imperialist credentials .

The existence of ISIS is due to war despair horror. Bombing will only make this worse and add fuel to the fire, thus providing the vacuum for these organisations to carry on.

Malcolm Jones

Bryn, Wigan

A similar way of thinking?

The so-called Isis (or murderous monsters as I call them) are evil and there is no excuse for such depravity.

Yet I do wonder why this country’s Government is, quite rightly, horrified at the atrocities carried out in ‘Isis’ name, yet when it comes to a certain country which also advocates medieval ‘punishments’ such as stoning to death for adultery or public executions, our Government becomes quiet. Well, the country I refer to is apparently one of our ‘allies’ after all.

Still, as Ron Atkins (November 30) rightly says, Saudi Arabia has oil and most of its weapons comes from the west.

For the record, I don’t believe air strikes is the solution. Yes, I would like to see the terrorists destroyed but air strikes are likely to kill more civilians and I have not heard of any long-term strategy. More importantly, I can’t see it working. An intelligent solution is needed, not a knee-jerk reaction.


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Care about the planet

Climate change talks are taking place this week. If only we cared more about the environment and those who share our planet with us (both humans and other species), rather than money and power, then maybe, just maybe, 
the world might be a happier place.

Nature lover via email