Readers' letters - December 30

Does Nick Clegg deserve a knighthood?
Does Nick Clegg deserve a knighthood?
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Knighting Nick Clegg is ‘taking the biscuit’

So it looks like Nick Clegg is to be handed a knighthood in the New Year honours list.

Is this the same Mr Clegg who brought the downfall of the Lib Dem party when he put his personal ambition before his party and went into a coalition government as Deputy Prime Minister with David Cameron?

Is this same Mr Clegg who refuses to accept the vote of the British people to leave the EU, who indeed has stated that we should have a second referendum on the final Brexit deal (which he will oppose whatever deal we agree)?

Who blamed elderly people for the leave result and hopes that, should there be a second vote, that many of us elderly voters will have “died off”?

Mr Clegg swayed a good number of voters who voted to leave, using the reasoning that if he thought staying in the EU would be good for Britain, it more than likely wasn’t.

The British people remember other statements made by him over the years: “We should change our currency to the euro”, “there are no plans by the European Union to form a European army”, “if elected, tuition fees will not increase” and so the list goes on.

There have been a few people over the years who many of us have said “how did he/she get that?” but giving a knighthood to Nick Clegg takes the biscuit.

Geoff Holloran

Address supplied

‘Adventure’ must end

A dear friend of mine who knows a lot more about politics and economics than he does football nevertheless has come up with the following analogy that I think hits the mark.

In my friend’s view, the UK seeking to leave the EU is the equivalent of one of our leading clubs (think Manchester City, United, Chelsea, Arsenal) seeking to self-relegate from the Premiership to the Championship.

These soccer clubs would never take this line of action – and we should not be seeking to leave the EU.

The Brexiteers, in trying to achieve a marginal increase in our nation’s sovereignty, are causing a significant loss in our nation’s influence. The UK has been a major player within the EU and has helped shape its direction and policies.

The EU is one of the world’s most powerful organisations and an institution that is readily listened to by the rest of the world.

The International Monetary Fund is another major institution and this week its boss, Christine Lagarde, has been in London.

In the run-up to the referendum, the IMF was accused of being over-pessimistic in its predictions about the downward trajectory of the UK economy should we vote to leave.

Well, we voted to leave and the UK economy is now performing outstandingly badly amongst the twelve leading economies.

Far from being a glum-bucket, Mrs Lagarde has been on the money.

It is about time that this Brexit ‘adventure’ was kicked into touch.

John Cole

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Another hidden cost of Brexit

There are over 1.2 million UK citizens living in other EU countries, a third of whom are estimated to be pensioners and currently able to claim their pension locally, with entitlement to free health care.

Once Brexit happens, they will lose these entitlements, so presumably many will have no choice but to return to the UK.

Given UK house prices are higher compared to most of Europe, and the fact that popular EU locations, such as Spain, are still suffering from the 2008 crash, many will not be able to afford to buy a house back in the UK.

Has the Government considered the impact this will have on the already stretched health service, as well as social services, or is this another hidden cost of Brexit?

Phil Cray

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The Cabinet soap opera

Theresa May’s sacking of her deputy Damian Green so close to Christmas reminded me of the EastEnders Christmas edition years ago when ‘Dirty Den’ handed his wife Angie the divorce papers and wished her a Happy Christmas!

Mr Green was the third Cabinet Minister to go in

recent months and shows the Tories going into the New Year in turmoil once again.

John Appleyard

via email

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