Readers’ letters - December 4

Passengers get on a magnetic levitation train, the Maglev, in Shanghai, China. See letter
Passengers get on a magnetic levitation train, the Maglev, in Shanghai, China. See letter
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Go forward with Maglev

I watched with interest the other day when the Chancellor informed all and sundry that the promotion of the new HS2 railway system was being brought forward to benefit the north.

I gave this matter some thought and recalled back to 1955 when the last major “modernisation” of the railways took place.

It was seen that, throughout Europe, nations were revitalising their railways 
and implementing electrification to provide more efficient and cleaner trains.

The UK decided that this was too expensive.

To bring our railways up to date, the Government of the day decided that we should opt for the introduction of diesel locomotion.

The result of this was that a large number of the new locomotives were purchased, many steam locomotives were withdrawn prior to the end of their working life and, in some parts, electrification was implemented.

Eventually, it was accepted that electrification was the answer to many problems that had arisen with diesels.

Vast sums of public money was wasted with the purchase of diesels, the removal of steam locomotives with plenty of life in them, and the eventual acceptance that electrification was the way forward.

Once again decisions are having to be made regarding the rail network and, lo’ what do we have?

A repeat of the 1955 situation pending squandering vast sums of public money.

This time, of course, the move towards the new HS2 with electrification is being made when the world is making vast inroads with the new ‘Maglev’.

This is a more efficient and cleaner mode of transport, well tested in Germany
and eagerly introduced in Japan, and now a proven success.

Will we consider this option or will we spend vast sums of public money on an outdated system?

I will leave that one for you to ponder and perhaps question your MP.

K D Ashton via email

A civil war within party

John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, is a disgrace to the Labour Party, the country and democracy, and shows signs of being a desperate man while the policies of Jeremy Corbyn and his opposition party are now being rejected by a majority of their decent supporters.

His outburst accusing UKIP of being an evil force and using the usual references to racism beggars belief and is an affront to the four million people who voted for us earlier this year, and also to John Bickley, our candidate.

This is from a man, along with most of Corbyn’s hard-left front bench, whose views on the military, the monarchy and terrorist organisations are not shared by the vast majority of the population.

These hard-left throwbacks, from the 1970s and their anarchic world of revolution and make-believe, are showing their desperation because they are losing support by the bucket-load in the Oldham West and Royton by-election (and the rest of the country) and they are on course for civil war within the Labour Party as the moderates are beginning to rebel.

This shows that the current Labour Party no longer stands for the working men and women and is a great opportunity for all of the voters to unite and vote against this undemocratic hard-left mob who do not believe in Britain.

Philip Griffiths

North West President

UKIP (UK Independence Party)