Readers’ letters - December 7

RAF Tornado jets carry out the first British bombing runs over Syria. See letter
RAF Tornado jets carry out the first British bombing runs over Syria. See letter

Situation is madness

A former MP once told me: “It isn’t until you get elected that you realise that most MPs aren’t that bright and happily go through the lobby, voting on things that they have no real understanding of, for reasons that often have nothing to do with the issue at hand.” That’s what happened when parliament voted to start bombing in Syria.

The addition to the current bombing capacity by France and the US, of a couple of GR4s and half a dozen Typhoons, will make little practical difference but will give a little bit of extra specialist equipment.

The fact remains that this slight increase in bombing will make no real difference to the outcome. There needs to be a ground force and it doesn’t need to be of troops from Western nations. The supposed 70,000 troops that Cameron alleges to be bombing in favour of, is nonsense. This is a disparate group of perhaps a hundred different factions who all have slightly different priorities. Their key one seems to be the removal of the Assad regime. There is no command structure over which we have any control and, to top it all, the Russians are bombing our proxy army at every opportunity. The whole thing is madness!

I would be happy to bomb ISIS morning, noon and night, if I thought there was any point. The Turks seem to be more interested in suppressing the Kurds for their huge army to be of any use at all. The Saudis are a waste of time and many in that kingdom are helping to finance ISIS to start with, but nobody in government dare say it out loud. The simple truth is the vote in parliament was based on the premise of, “we must do something.” As Ronald Reagan once said: “Don’t just do something. Stand there.” Standing there would have been preferable to just doing something, when all logic must tell you that it won’t work.

Tony J Homewood via email

Sing carols for cause

Child sexual exploitation affects vulnerable children and has been identified by the police as the biggest threat in the UK apart from terrorism. The support of schools in Greater Manchester is absolutely vital to the work that The Children’s Society does in tackling this abuse.

Our work with these children can literally change lives but we can only do this with the ongoing support from local schools and communities.

Every penny raised this Christmas will go towards our specialist projects which are providing crucial support to children whose lives have been affected.

Thousands of young people are being sexually exploited in every type of community across the country and children as young as 10 are being targeted.

We want to double our long term support and help as many children and young people who have been victims of this abuse to stay safe and rebuild their lives through our specialist services.

Your readers can help us do this by raising funds and having fun whilst getting into the Christmas spirit.

As Christmas approaches, there are thousands of carol singing and Christingle events being organised across the country in aid of The Children’s Society.

We need as many people as possible to organise a carol singing event or go along to their local Christingle and donate to support our work.

We are so grateful for the support we already receive from communities in Greater Manchester and we are proud of the fantastic festive events that go on in support of our work.

To view all of our free resources please visit

Matthew Reed,

Chief Executive of The 
Children’s Society