Readers’ letters - December 8

Chinese steel will be used to build UK nuclear power stations ' but there is a better solution says a reader. See letter
Chinese steel will be used to build UK nuclear power stations ' but there is a better solution says a reader. See letter

Where to put waste?

What the hell is happening? Chinese steel, that’s what.

Unheard of until recently, have I read correctly?

Chinese steel helping to build atomic power stations.

No, I was never employed “on the hearth”, but I think I know a little about that side of industry, having had a relation that started as an office boy and, before retirement, became a boss of South Wales Forgemasters.

Chinese do not have and, I don’t think ever will have, the quality control of steel, unlike the great powers of the Second World War, yes, us and Germany.

I think that proves a 

Secondly, this country doesn’t need atomic power.

How about building wave power installations?

We are an island, are we 

We have some untamed bays and inlets all around us.

With atomic power, no one mentioned what to do with atomic waste.


Address supplied

Share your experiences

I am currently composing a collection of the real-life stories of German nationals who came to live in the UK during or after the Second World War, having married a British national, or of British men or women marrying a German national, either during the Second World War or for the 10 to 15 year period immediately following 

I’m also interested in the experiences of any German children who may have come with their parent to be adopted into a British family and remember the experience clearly enough to be able to share their stories, thoughts and feelings with me.

I have some information regarding prejudices and discrimination faced by people within these situations as have family members with stories to 

However, I also wanted to find out more about what may have been experienced on a wider scale, and wondered if any of your readers may be willing to share information with me regarding their experiences in order that 
I can do justice to this 

I do appreciate that this is a sensitive subject and can empathise with the situations and circumstances many of them faced.

Any and all information given will be used in the strictest of confidences.

If anyone could like to get in touch with me, they can email me on

Many thanks in advance.

Leigh Bladen


A gift to help the planet

I would like to ask readers to help restore one of the UK’s most precious habitats and to take action on climate change this Christmas, by having a dedicated native tree or grove planted as a gift for loved ones in the Scottish Highlands.

A native tree will be planted in the Caledonian Forest for each recipient of Trees for Life’s Christmas tree certificates – creating forests for the future.

Every tree dedicated will help reduce the impact of climate change by replacing the carbon footprint and packaging of presents with a gift that instead soaks up carbon dioxide, and that benefits wildlife.

For details, visit or call 01309 691292.

Alan Watson Featherstone

Executive director, Trees for Life