Readers’ letters - December 9

New vaccines have been introduced against meningitis ' but more still needs to be done. See letter
New vaccines have been introduced against meningitis ' but more still needs to be done. See letter

Why do we let terrorists in?

David Cameron keeps going on that the UK needs to bomb Syria in order to keep the streets of this country safe.

Wouldn’t our streets be much safer if all the terrorists who had gone to Syria and Iraq and then come back to this country were refused entry back into Britain?

Aren’t we asking for trouble allowing them back in?

Apparently there is a European law which states that we cannot refuse them entry otherwise it would render them stateless. So what? These are dangerous people and these are dangerous times, therefore under no circumstances should they be allowed into this country. The terrorists who massacred all those people in Paris had all come back from Syria and Iraq. We should learn from that.


Ignoring the values of UK

It is nearly 43 years since we joined the EU (then the Common Market) and we were told that joining it was to help our businesses and boost our economy, nothing more.

Since then, however, we have continued to lose control of our country by surrendering our sovereignty, and everything that entails, to the faceless bureaucrats of the EU. And for that privilege we pay £55m every day, and far more when you take the added costs to our businesses and local authorities.

Now, following a two-year commission, chaired by a former senior judge, Baroness Butler-Sloss, along with senior figures of other religious faiths, we are told that Britain should stop acting as if it was still a Christian country. This we are told is based upon the rise of Islam, other faiths and a decline in church attendance.

Just as the “Establishment” surrendered Britain’s sovereignty, and therefore our governance to the EU, they are now doing their utmost to complete the destruction of Britain, by abandoning Christianity and giving in to those with opposing views to ours.

There is something sinister about these liberal-minded apologist do-gooders, who, instead of standing up for the values that the majority believe in, they would simply sooner surrender to the minority, ignoring the rest in the process.

Philip Griffiths

North West President, UKIP (UK Independence Party)

Thank you for support

With Christmas and the New Year upon us, we would like to pass on our thanks to everyone in Greater Manchester who has supported Meningitis Now during 2015. It is only through people’s generosity that we’re able to fight the disease on all fronts – funding preventative research, raising awareness and supporting survivors and their families. 2015 has been a landmark year, with the introduction of the lifesaving meningitis B vaccine for babies. This could, over the next decade, prevent over 4,000 children under the age of five contracting the disease.

We’ve also seen the ACWY vaccine introduced for young people aged 17 and 18 and older university entrants – another at risk group.

This is no small achievement, but the battle to beat the killer disease is far from over. Our freephone helpline on 0808 80 10 388 will be open throughout the festive period.

To donate, or for a free information pack, please visit

Thank you again for your support and best wishes for a healthy festive season.

Sue Davie

Chief executive, 
Meningitis Now