Readers’ letters - February 1

Teachers are asking parents to stop wearing pyjamas to school, see letter
Teachers are asking parents to stop wearing pyjamas to school, see letter
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What about small firms?

When large corporations report their quarterly figures, they are usually described as ‘pre-tax’, obscene profits of millions of pounds, upon which it should be easy to levy the standard tax prevailing at the time.

If the general public is allowed to know how much profit has been made, then it should be simple to work out what 20 per cent of that sum should be, and therefore report that too.

However, by using the accounting phrase ‘pre-tax’, is the company effectively stating it hasn’t decided how much of its tax liabilities it is going to pay?

High profile companies can employ expensive spratts to catch mackerel, with impunity, but end of year fever has gripped many small or sole traders as they struggle to not only get accounts registered, but also pay any tax due, by the due date or risk penalties.

If you are one of these hard working businesses, trying to do the right thing and stay the right side of the law, what sort of message does recent publicity, of the likes of Google, send?

Many small businesses are run by ambitious and committed owners but cannot scale their businesses to the size that allows them to have a cosy relationship with the Revenue.

Isn’t it about time that the many either get the same privileges as the few, or, more correctly, the few are simply required to play and pay to the same rules as the majority.

JB Scattergood

Address supplied


No excuse for pyjamas

A lot has been in the media lately regarding head teachers asking parents to stop wearing pyjamas when dropping kids off at school and asking if kids could come to school clean.

You get up in a morning, you brush your teeth, have a wash, tame the mane, it only takes a few seconds to pop on some clothing.

I hate ironing, does anyone like it?

But my son goes to school in clean ironed clothes every day, his teeth brushed, face washed, hair combed, all things that a parent should make sure happens.

I can see why schools get frustrated, they want to teach, not have to clean kids up before the day begins.

Jayne Grayson via email


Danger to rainforests

I am sure that many readers are completely unaware of palm oil and what it means for the environment. I was unaware until recently.

While climate change and fracking are both important green issues, less is heard of what is happening to the rainforests.

Rainforests matter for biodiversity and are the habitats of the animals which live there, but they are also the lungs of the planet.

As is often the case, the pursuit of money is behind the demise of this natural wonder.

One of the reasons rainforests are being destroyed is for unsustainable palm oil.

Forests are being cleared for the development of the oil palm plantations. I have heard that an area the size of 300 football fields is cleared each hour to make way for palm oil production.

Unfortunately this oil is found in many food and cosmetic products worldwide, including Britain. Labelling is bad, sometimes it is even called vegetable oil. Personally I would like to see clearer labelling than I know what products I can buy with a clear conscience. For more information, take a look at You can also sign a petition at

CJK via email