Readers’ letters - February 22

Lucky lottery winners David and Carol Martin celebrate after scooping the jackpot. See letter
Lucky lottery winners David and Carol Martin celebrate after scooping the jackpot. See letter
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Get in it – you can still win it

Martin J Phillips, in his letter, I’m no longer in it to win it, is incorrect in thinking that the Lotto jackpot on February 10 was a ‘final rollover’ that had to be won (WEP Letters February 18).

As nobody matched all six numbers, the jackpot rolled to Saturday’s draw where one lucky ticket-holder scooped a life-changing £32.5m.

The 78 people who matched five numbers in Wednesday’s draw therefore received the correct amount of £883 each.

Additionally, the top prize won in that draw was £1m – as Lotto makes a guaranteed millionaire in every draw – and 20 players also won £20,000. All of this information is freely available at

Miranda Pugh

Group head of 
Media Relations,


Chance to be a telly star

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Casting closes very soon. Applicants must be over 18.

Email casting@naked or find us on Facebook at We look forward to hearing from you.

Samantha Heeler

Assistant Producer

Knitbone and slippery elm

I have just read an article on the plant comfrey, or as I knew it, nipbone or knitbone.

It took me back to the mid-1940s, when I fell down the slope of a sand pit, and hobbled home.

On seeing my swollen ankle, Grandma Swan produced a large bowl of hot water, and, with some dried leaves, made this soup and plunged my foot in.


Whatever it did, it worked.

She later dosed my Uncle Fred with something called slippery elm! Not a clue what it was but I believe it fixed his ailing digestive system. Anyone heard of it ?

I reckon we are missing something these days, because an awful lot of these potions seemed to work.

Allan Fazackerley via email

EU does not keep jobs safe

I heard that Bombardier rail engineers are to make 1,300 workers redundant. This is the company which lost out on a rail contract to the German manufacturer Siemens. We are told thousands of jobs will be lost if we lose the EU. In recent months, power stations, coal mines and steel plants have all closed. So as for jobs being safe stopping in Europe, that is absolute rubbish. It seems that the Government is trying to pull the wool over the public’s eyes. Nothing is safe, even in Europe.

Geoffrey Thorpe via email