Readers’ letters - February 23

A correspondent loves Horrible Histories and asks why should the TV programmes she watches be defined by her age?
A correspondent loves Horrible Histories and asks why should the TV programmes she watches be defined by her age?
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Will it be head or heart?

So now we know the referendum on our membership of the European Union will take place on June 23, 2016.

Will we vote with our heart and say leave or with our head and stay in?

We are about to have four months of claims and counter-claims to muddy the waters about the merits of our membership.

My problem is that I’m old enough to remember the last one, where half-truths and myths were commonplace.

I can still remember being told that “if we stay in, you will not be allowed to buy New Zealand Butter” and other such nonsense.

There are many valid reasons for voting either way in the referendum and I would ask both sides to stick to the facts.

So on with the campaign.

My only hope is that when it is over and if we stay in, we will not keep electing UKIP MEPs who do not believe they should be there and try to stop everything, whether it is in the UK’s interest or not.

Kevan Benfold via email

Weighing up decision

So our Prime Minister has done his deal in Brussels and what has the public got out of it?

Absolutely nothing. Benefits to immigrants are insignificant compared with other, more pressing, issues such as border controls, self-governance, sovereignty, freedom of movement.

Let us see what we will be voting for:

STAYING IN EUROPE –Unlimited immigrants will be allowed into the UK.

Freedom of movement means anyone will be allowed into the UK and we will not be able to deport them unless approved by Brussels. The Queen will have no authority over her subjects.

Our judges will be under the control of Brussels law makers.

The European Commission will continue issuing ‘directives’ ordering our House of Commons to comply with their ruling.

It costs us £400m per week and this will continue to rise over the years.

PULLING OUT OF EUROPE – We will have our freedom to control our own lives and establish a British Bill of Rights. Our borders will be restricted only allowing in those authorised. Criminals will not be allowed in. Our judges will be independent from Brussels.

We will be independent and self-governing.

The £400m a week we pay to Brussels will be spent on ourselves. Our councils will be better funded to cover vital services.

We will control our own future.

Between now and June 23, the public will be subjected to a bewildering array of arguments, but I hope people will be able to read between the lines and not be hoodwinked by misinformation.

Derek J Bunting

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I’m too old for BBC3

So BBC3 is now off air, it’s only for cool kids, so it’s online only.

The demographic was for 15- to 34-year-olds, so I am well out by a good 10 years.

Why should programmes be defined by our ages?

I love Horrible Histories and I still watch Blue Peter, yes with my son.

BBC3 had good shows, the documentaries were really good, and it showed my one guilty pleasure, Don’t Tell The Bride.

Being 46, I better stick with Last Of The Summer Wine.

Jayne Grayson

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