Readers’ letters - February 7

Protesters should be more concerned about Britain and the NHS rather than American politics says a reader. Do you agree?
Protesters should be more concerned about Britain and the NHS rather than American politics says a reader. Do you agree?

A difficult ‘divorce’

The letter from UKIP President Philip Griffiths contains a telling Freudian Slip (WEP January 30). He says: “Labour, the Lib Dems, SNP, Greens and many Tories are doing their best to frustrate the democratic outcome, with the Lib Dems wanting a second referendum – exactly what the EU does when it gets the wrong result”. Exactly – it WAS the wrong result!

I have no problem with people who thought about the issue, weighed up the pros and cons, and decided to vote Leave.

What I do have an issue with are those who decided, without any knowledge or justification, that they wanted out regardless. The interviews after the referendum said it all – some wanted to give Cameron a bloody nose, others thought the bankers were too greedy, still more thought the ‘toffs’ down south needed teaching a lesson, and of course we don’t like ‘Johnny Foreigner’, do we?!

The oft-repeated mantra is that we must respect the wishes of the people.

All well and good, but I would bet my bottom dollar that the slim majority in favour of Leave was more than made up of voters in at least one of these categories. Furthermore, only 37 per cent of all those registered voted Leave, a figure which falls to less than 30 per cent if you count those eligible but not on the electoral roll.

The ignorance was amply illustrated by a correspondent last October, who said that “June 23 2016 was divorce day, and divorcees are not forced to cohabit for three years after decree nisi”.

What incredible naivety and lack of understanding of the issues involved.

To think that our country can unilaterally abrogate all its ties with the EU, built up over the past 40 years, and walk away in just a few short weeks without anything to replace them with, beggars belief. The analogy with a divorce does have one notable aspect. Many people believed that we could ‘have our cake and eat it’ – leave the EU, keep all the things we like and ditch the ones we don’t.

Now imagine, you’ve decided to walk away from your spouse.

Do you really think that s/he would be reasonable in letting you cherry-pick your joint assets?

Not a bit of it.

He or she would make your decision to leave as difficult as possible.

I don’t know where we will be in five or 10 years’ time, when it is all over.

But whatever we have won’t be as good as what we have now.


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Fight for Britain

All these people who are protesting about Mr Trump, when our own country is in a bad state, why don’t they protest against our Government about the NHS and how it is being ruined?

Our elderly people being treated like rubbish. Care homes being closed. All the food kitchens for the poor. Lack of employment and poor wages.

This has not just started like Mr Trump.

This started over five years ago when Cameron and Clegg got in and promised to save everything they have destroyed.

So all these people should be protesting for Britain to save what we are losing.

March to get Mr Hunt out of the NHS before he sells that off.

And get local MPs to fight for the NHS and better care for the elderly.

We all grow old.

So get your priorities right and fight for Britain.

And let the Americans fight for America.

CW Allman

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