Readers’ letters - February 9

Prime Minister David Cameron (right) meets with European Council president Donald Tusk at 10 Downing Street . See letter
Prime Minister David Cameron (right) meets with European Council president Donald Tusk at 10 Downing Street . See letter

Let us regain our country

After three years of making us wait, David Cameron has finally revealed what so-called “concessions” he has won from the EU ahead of a referendum to be possibly held in June this year.

These negotiations are an important pivotal point in our political history.

At a time when, more than ever, we needed strong governance and leadership. Britain needed a Winston Churchill-type figure to handle these negotiations, instead we got Neville Chamberlain with his piece of paper. But instead of peace for our time, we got the promise of a good deal and the horn of plenty, after we vote to stay in!

What concessions David Cameron has managed to prise out of the EU are trifle and virtually meaningless. All this nonsense about handbrakes and red cards pales into insignificance, because Britain can still be out-voted by the other member states. In effect, this is just another version of Qualified Majority Voting or QMV. In effect, this is practically the same thing as what is on offer, but with a different label on the tin!

We were promised treaty change, fundamental reform, control of our borders, the primacy of British law and repatriation of power.

We got none of these.

Brussels still reigns supreme, it is designed to work this way, no matter whatever David Cameron tells us.

It was stomach-churning and shameful to watch and listen to a democratically elected British Prime Minister, whom we can dismiss, and who secured a clear mandate to govern Britain with a working majority in last year’s General Election, genuflect and grovel to Donald Tusk (a former Polish PM, whom we did not elect, nor can we dismiss) to secure a few minor concessions.

It makes me wonder who really does govern Britain these days. This was a chance squandered by David Cameron to reassert his authority and position with the EU. Instead of calling the shots, he is merely prepared to trot at the heels of Europe.

Between now and whenever the referendum is announced, there will be the usual scaremongering from project fear, warning us of apocalyptic visions of Britain outside the EU, with tales of the bogeyman to frighten us as what will happen to Britain, should the people be foolish enough to want to leave.

A British “Brexit” will not be the end of the universe, it will be a new beginning. The skies will not fall in on us, nor shall we be turned into pillars of salt and the Earth will still be round.

As an independent nation, Britain will still trade and have diplomatic relations with Europe. What we will not have is the costly and impractical political union that is all too often incompatible with British interests.

If Britain was not in the EU, we would certainly not vote to join it. So why should we vote to stay in it ? There has been enough talk on Europe, it is a divisive issue that needs to be resolved. It is time for that long-overdue referendum, so bring in on and let the British people regain their country and control their own affairs.

Will Heyes via email

Hands off our British food

Readers, sign a petition to the Government to stop the European Commission from interfering in decisions about ingredients in British foods such as cereals, cakes, frozen foods, ice cream and so on.

Go to, enter the section called Community, and sign the petition Hands off British Food.

If you do not have internet access, ask family or friends.

F.E Sharpe

Address supplied