Readers’ letters - Janaury 9

A reader disagrees with a previous correspondent about fox hunting. See letter
A reader disagrees with a previous correspondent about fox hunting. See letter

Not of this century

I have finally calmed down enough after reading the letter by D (WEP letters January 3) to reply (fairly) rationally.

So, fox hunting is a “thoroughly enjoyable day out for hunter” is it?

Tell that to the fox being pursued by bullying, tally-ho people on horseback, accompanied by dogs who are trained to kill foxes by fox puppies being tossed to them. Very ethical. It’s a class issue is it, protesting against it?

The implication being that those of us who want to protect wildlife from these vile people are the “lower” class lumpenproletariat who do not appreciate our social “betters” and their entertainment.

Domestic livestock is only that because human beings have contained and corralled them. Of course a wild hunter will try to get them if it’s easier than hunting something roaming free. You created the situation, not foxes – they are trying to use it to their advantage. It’s physiology and need.

D belongs to that same group of people that a group called Hunt The Hunters try to 
“out” and shame – killing animals for “fun” and it’s despicable and not of this century.

A final question: would you like to be hunted by people on horseback with a pack of dogs? Thought not.

Terry Maunder

Address supplied


Sexuality and society

Award-winning documentary company Testimony Films needs your help for a new Channel 4 documentary to mark the 50th anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act 1967.

We want to tell the story of gay men throughout this country during the 20th century.

Did you suffer prejudice or prosecution because of your sexuality, before or after the 1967 law was passed?

Were you one of the victims of the age of consent laws which meant that young gay men could be prosecuted for having sex below the age of 21– and later 18 – whereas it was legal for everyone else? Did you live in fear of being caught? Did you have to leave your job or were you dishonourably discharged from the armed forces? Did you have a positive or negative experience of coming out, or did you feel like you couldn’t reveal your sexuality?

Were you forced to endure aversion therapy?

Despite everything, did you remain defiant and get involved in campaigns to change people’s attitudes and the law? If you have a story to share, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Pete Vance or Emily Sivyer on 0117 925 8589 or at or

Emily Sivyer

Assistant Producer

Testimony Films


Where will votes end up?

UKIP has sorted things out at the top with Paul Nuttall now elected as leader, but it is difficult to see a future for them.

They were always a one man band under Nigel Farage and their prospects for the long haul seem slender.

The truth is they lack a raft of credible policies which have widespread appeal to a solid cross section of the electorate. All the old parties have had their ups and downs over the years, but they have proved their durability. They each represent a coherent plan of how society and the economy should develop from their point of view.

Ukip has skilfully tapped into the prejudices of a large group of people but their support at the last election was always doomed to melt away. It will be fascinating to see where their votes end up.

Don Burslam via email