Readers’ letters - January 12

Boy George (third from left) with the other coaches from The Voice, Ricky Wilson, Paloma Faith, and See letter
Boy George (third from left) with the other coaches from The Voice, Ricky Wilson, Paloma Faith, and See letter
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Be able to say no to teens

I have watched, with increasing irritation, items on BBC Breakfast about children being too addicted (and that 
is the right word) to technology.

They won’t do homework because texting is more important or the internet has higher value than learning.

The solution is simple and contained in two words : ‘no’ and ‘boundaries’.

The latter means spelling out clearly what is acceptable behaviour (doing your homework) and what is not acceptable (defying your parents inappropriately).

The consequences of transgressing the acceptable boundaries are also made clear (your mobile phone will be removed for x number of days).

If the consequences of not being able to text are blown out of all proportion, show some footage of children in Belsen or Auschwitz to emphasise real deprivation.

That should shut their bleating up and put things in perspective.

The word ‘no’ speaks for itself.

It’s just fallen out of use because, for example, some children think they have a right to watch TV rather than it being a luxury that many people in the world do not have, and parents have become scared of a bit of discipline.

That makes three words – 
no, boundaries and perspective.

R Kimble

Address supplied

Stop moans, do your job

Many years ago the Labour MP Denis Skinner told me that, when he was first elected as a member of Parliament, his father advised him “that when you go into Parliament you treat it as any other job, just as you did when you were a coal miner, do a shift and go home at the end of the working day, avoid tittle tattle in the corridors of power”.

Sadly there are a number of members of parliament who don’t heed this advice.

Being an MP, Member of the Cabinet, Prime Minister or local councillor is an honour, it is not a right or a job for life.

Jeremy Corbyn is the leader of the Labour Party and he is fully entitled to reshuffle his shadow cabinet, he wouldn’t be much of a leader if he didn’t.

To see MPs throughout the morning, afternoon and night moaning about their fate under Jeremy’s leadership to the media makes me wonder why they aren’t in their offices doing the job that their electorate asks of them?

If they aren’t prepared to do this and give 100 per cent loyalty to their leader, then they should make way for someone who will.

John Appleyard via email

Boy George’s alter-ego

I must admit that I have never seen one episode of The Voice, and the only thing I know about it is they dispensed with the services of Tom Jones.

So the other night I saw an advert for the new series.

Now they said, when introducing Tom Jones’ replacement, that it was Boy George.

I shudderingly recall him from years ago, but the vision that appeared was wearing an over-size hat.

I don’t recall him looking like that.

However, I was sure I had 
seen him wearing that hat before.

Got it!

Saw him with Ken 

Mick the Marmaliser.

No doubt at all!

Allan Fazackerley