Readers’ letters - January 22

David Haye celebrates after beating Mark De Mori in their Heavyweight bout at the O2 Arena, London. See letter
David Haye celebrates after beating Mark De Mori in their Heavyweight bout at the O2 Arena, London. See letter

Box clever by being vegan

Anyone still dubious about the benefits of a plant-based diet need look no further than vegan boxing world champion, David Haye, whose recent comeback was a knockout – literally.

Haye joins a growing list of meat-free athletes, including footballer Phil Neville, squash champion James Willstrop, and Olympic cyclist Lizzie Armitstead, who understand that plant-based foods provide all the protein, carbohydrates and other nutrients our bodies need to get stronger and faster, minus the saturated fats and cholesterol found in animal products.

Of course, when one also considers that in the 131 seconds it took Haye to win, around a quarter of a million animals were killed globally for their flesh, the decision to go vegan, whether or not you’re striving to be a champion athlete, becomes a no-brainer. PETA offers a free vegan starter kit for anyone who wants to feel the benefits of plant nutrition, while sparing animals the pain of slaughter.

Calum Proctor via email

Mind boggles at £20m idea

Has David Cameron gone completely off his rocker? He has set aside £20m to teach Muslim girls English. The mind boggles.

Hasn’t he looked around this country to see the devastation caused by the flooding, the state of the NHS, parents who cannot get their children into schools of their choice, and cuts to local services which, to most people, are essential?

Relatives of mine who lived in Spain had to pay to attend classes to be taught and learn the language.

I cannot help but despair at the way this country is going. As a retired person who has paid taxes all his life, and still does, my heart now truly aches.

Barry Foster

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There is no connection

The stabbing which took place at the corner of Northumberland Street and Platt Lane in Wigan at the weekend had no connection with Whelley Labour Club.

The club was closed at the time and the call to emergency services regarding the incident was not made from the premises.

As secretary of the club, I have been urged by officials and members, to make it clear that the club had been closed for some hours and, although the club was mentioned in police reports, it was as a landmark and there was absolutely no involvement in the incident.

Mr D Hesketh


Whelley Labour Club

New housing and flooding

My own views might be naïve and simplistic, but it seems to make sense to me that if rain is falling onto open land it will sink into it.

However, rain falling onto tarmac, concrete, cement, and so on, will eventually start to run where it finds a way forward and, unable 
to find an outlet, it will 

I am sure that there will be facts of which I am not really aware, such as the type of stone and soil beneath the ground’s surface, and I certainly realise that the recent flooding was of a complex nature, but I do find it alarming that more and more new property is being built with an apparent lack of consideration of the impact this is having on the environment when it rains heavily.

Catherine Taylor

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