Readers’ letters - July 4

Angela Eagle offered up a feeble excuse to quit Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet, according to our reader
Angela Eagle offered up a feeble excuse to quit Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet, according to our reader

Anger over political coup

So Lisa Nandy has stepped down from the Jeremy Corbyn shadow cabinet.

I am disappointed as I thought she had a similar vision of left-wing politics to that of her party leader.

My feeling is that Corbyn has been made a scapegoat for Brexit, and - to be honest - the referendum transcended national level politics between left and right anyway, so who cares if he didn’t commit enthusiastically to stay?

He was being honest, saying there were two sides to the issue and he did plea for voters to stay in Europe in everything I heard on the news, highlighting worker rights etc.

Is Nandy just following the herd? Have they all forgotten the massive mandate he got?

Who will stand instead? Hilary Benn? Labour would have no chance then!

As for Angela Eagle, she ended up resigning from the cabinet in tears. Her explanation? She had tried to contact Corbyn to voice concerns on the Sunday and hadn’t heard back by the Monday. Now there is a great reason to try and split the party...not!

Glad to see Leigh MP Andy Burnham standing by Corbyn, he isn’t afraid to say no to the hysterical power-hungry anti-Corbynite MPs who are blaming Corbyn for trying to destroy the party when it is in fact they who are responsible.

Harry Francis



Message for EU workers

I am writing on behalf of all those people in Lancashire and throughout the UK who voted ‘Remain’ in the EU referendum.

My message is intended for all those guest workers who live in our county and elsewhere who do so much to help our basic services, enrich our society and improve our social lives.

I am married to a Bulgarian, have two dual nationality children, one of whom is about to start university in Holland, I have both worked with and employed guest workers and attend a NHS dental clinic completely staffed by them, as a past development officer for the Local District Sports Council I have dealt with many European sporting associations from our twin towns and helped to organise the International Youth Games with them. I am extremely concerned the result to leave the EU will give those mentioned the impression we don’t want them and resent their presence here and indeed many have said that for the first time they feel unwanted here which I find intolerable. On the contrary, all those who voted ‘Remain’ ( and I’m sure many who did not) value them very highly indeed personally, socially and vocationally and we would be mortified if they felt otherwise.

We love you, value you and want you to stay.

Dr Neil Wigglesworth,

address supplied


It’s time to rebuild

Britain has lost so much from EC membership that it is now time to rebuild. As the policy forced on us by politicians, civil servants and media commentators has been rejected it is now time for all those EU supporters and for those who drove ‘Project Fear’ to leave politics for good. They have shown they are not fit to govern. Room needs to be left clear for the people who wanted to leave to have a completely free hand to put things right in Britain.

We have had enough of dim lightbulbs, the evil waste of dead fish thrown back in the sea, English apple orchards being rooted up, laws against Imperial measures, and the systematic destruction of British industries.

Stephen Booth

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