Readers’ letters - June 5

The NCT supports new parents ' thanks to the work of its volunteers. See letter
The NCT supports new parents ' thanks to the work of its volunteers. See letter

Forgetting the facts

Desperation has now reduced key Brexiteers Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Iain Duncan Smith to utter more lies in order to discredit the stay Europe campaigners. Scrapping VAT is now their rallying call, as they say the EU enforced a £60-a-year increase in VAT, which they say can be scrapped if Britain votes out on June 23 .

Are we fooled by this? Those with long memories of the Tory VAT shambles in the 90s will note that Boris and Gove have forgotten to mention that their Tory vote leave pals first introduced an eight per cent VAT rate in 1994, then tried to hike it to 17 per cent the following year under Norman Lamont, who is also an out campaigner.

They were only defeated after Labour MPs helped lead a revolt to keep the rate at eight per cent. Labour then lowered VAT to five per cent, the lowest legally allowed by the EU after Labour gained power in 1997. By saying that VAT will be axed on fuel, if we leave the EU, when, in fact, they have voted for higher fuel bills for families across Britain for years is sheer contempt.

The foolish tactics of the Tory Brexit lobby of MPs indicate how pathetic their outlandish statements are, but also how reckless they are behaving in their campaign.

These are desperate men who have their own agendas, and what we need now are intelligent politicians who are intuitive and respectful, not dealing out myths and scare tactics to deceive the electorate!

Marjorie Nye

Address supplied


Be careful of the wolf ...

So. It’s decided. For me, after hearing the two sides of the Europe debate, I’ve reached a definite conclusion. I am not about to sacrifice my country or my children’s future on the altar of jingoism, xenophobia, ignorance, self-deception and wishful thinking.

As for the Brexit baying of ‘scaremongering’ (can’t they come up with a new jibe after all these weeks?) and ‘crying wolf’, remember the ending of that particular fable?

The wolf came...

T Ithebarn



Celebrating volunteers

Volunteer’s Week, June 1–12, is a time to honour the accomplishments of NCT volunteers both past and present.

Volunteers have been at the heart of NCT since 1956. Beginning as a small group of new mothers offering their time to improve childbirth practices, we are now fortunate to have over 10,000 dedicated people volunteering on our behalf. Today, NCT supports parents across the first 1,000 days – through pregnancy, birth and becoming a mum or dad.

As our work has evolved over the past 60 years, these amazing women (and, increasingly men) have led us every step of the way. From coordinating NCT’s programmes for newly-settled refugee and asylum seekers, to packing bags at Nearly New Sales or fundraising for better mental health support, every NCT volunteer has influenced our success, and for this I thank you.

As we celebrate our volunteers throughout the course of Volunteer’s Week, never has a quote seemed more appropriate to reflect NCT’s past, present and future:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead.

Nick Wilkie

NCT Chief Executive