Readers’ letters - November 16

Reader Martin Sutcliffe is urging people to think twice before buying tins of tuna
Reader Martin Sutcliffe is urging people to think twice before buying tins of tuna
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A ‘con trick’ over the EU

Well, at last the cat is out of the bag, David Cameron has started his (phoney) negotiations with the EU and he is determined to keep Britain in it – no surprises there then.

His main requests are simply pathetic, and not what the British people want and he’s already watered down his manifesto banning EU migrants from claiming in-work benefits for four years. He’s also reverted to scaremongering tactics by saying being in the EU helps to guarantee our security.

All he says is complete nonsense – his savage cuts to our Armed Services have caused serious concern over our security. If we left the European Union we would get our seat back on the World Trade Organisation – which we had to surrender to the EU – and that would allow us a much greater voice on the world stage.

The man does not even know his policies are causing cuts to local services, and when it comes to our “in/out” EU referendum, he and his Government, along with Labour and the other political parties, cannot be trusted. Don’t be conned !

Philip Griffiths

North West President, UKIP (UK Independence Party)

Take note of tuna crisis

I have a confession to make; I love tuna. It is simply the fish of choice as far as I am concerned. Nothing too fancy in its preparation, mind you.

Out of the can into a dish, break it up with a fork, good dash of Worcester Sauce and a twist of coarse-ground black pepper et voila.

Tuck in, clear the plate, rinse and repeat. It is that good.

So, it may come as a surprise to learn that I haven’t touched the merest fin of a tuna for all of five years now, and seriously debated the brand options regarding sustainability etc. for another five years or so before that.

The bald fact of the matter is the noble tuna fish is in deep trouble. Not only is the species itself being practically hoovered from the oceans, but indiscriminate fishing causes around 100,000 tonnes of bycatch every year.

Excuse the irony, but bycatch is exactly what it says on the tin – sharks, marine turtles, rays, dolphins, the haul is random, and most of this bycatch is dead or dying by the time it is thrown back.

Add to these sickening figures, one in three seafood workers in Thailand has been trafficked and forced labour is also an issue.

Is it perhaps time tuna was made more of an issue? Sugary drinks, battery chickens, horsemeat burgers, they all get the tabloids in a rare old froth, yet seemingly below the radar tuna continues to be driven to the brink merely to satisfy our tastebuds.

Tuna stocks are approaching crisis point. I’ve resisted for over five years, so ‘think globally, act locally’ it’s the least you can do.

Martin Sutcliffe

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Thanks to you ghoulish folk

Diabetes UK wants to thank all the glorious ghouls and wicked witches from Wigan who got dressed up for our Dress Diabolical event, raising vital funds.

From devilish children to zombie bus drivers, people from all over the UK got sponsored to dress up and have fun on Friday, October 30.

Money raised will help us to fund research into diabetes and support more people who are living with the condition.

Stephen Ryan

Regional Manager, Diabetes UK